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We are a community of present parents who value personal growth and family adventure, in all shapes and sizes. We try hard not to over parent, under parent, and promise to never be the absent parent. ​

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How To (Almost) Instantly Teach Your Child Their Phone Number

This Tech Hack Will (Almost) Instantly Teach Your Child Their Phone Number Today I wanted to show you how I taught my child her phone number. It takes about one minute to set up and is pretty much hands-off (on your part) after that. I hope you find it helpful! Kids need to know essential names and numbers, like the primary phone number, address, and last name. Our daugh [...]

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Best Amazon Umbrella Stroller Guide

Looking for an Amazon umbrella stroller?You must need fast shipping and a quality stroller! ;-)Let us help you sort through the Amazon results. Quick NavigationWhere To Shop?Here's The Deal3 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Buying An Umbrella StrollerWhen Will I Use The Stroller Most?How Old Is My Child?Do I Want Better Value or Luxury Brand Name?6 Things To Look For In An [...]

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5 Gift-Experience Presents They’ll Never Forget

Give A Gift-Experience You may still be dizzy from sugar overload after Halloween, but sober up, dear! It's time to talk presents, especially one that will last a lifetime: the gift-experience.  Because there’s no escaping the fact that the gift-giving holidays are right around the corner. At our house, we’ve been receiving holiday-themed catalogs for weeks, and trust [...]

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5 Easy Christmas Spirit Ideas To Encourage Giving

Giving Feels So Good It Hurts Two years ago, I was moved by a video where children from low-income families had to choose between a gift for themselves or one for their parents. Watch it: These children chose a gift for their parents over one for themselves. Are you crying yet? It's so sweet it hurts.  At the end of the day, these kids willingly give up their dream Ch [...]

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Toys For Both Genders This Holiday Season

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past month, you probably already know that the gift giving season is upon us. Giving presents to friends and family can be such a gratifying experience, especially when we find the perfect item.However, it can be difficult not to fall into the gender trap when shopping for kids.Boys like trucks and anything pink is just for girls [...]

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Vocabulary In The Early Years: Facts And Myths

Vocabulary In The Early Years: Facts and Myths All Parents Should Know As a speech pathologist, this topic is always on my mind. But recently I have been examining my son’s vocabulary, as he prepares to enter school. That’s because I know that when he goes to school full-time he will be entering a new phase in his life. He will enter a world where the demand on his l [...]

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Greatest Hits

Why and How to Let Your Kids Go Barefoot (Safely)

Do Kids Really Need Shoes? What do you think when you see barefoot kids running around? Do you shake your head and pity them? Their mother must be negligent. I know the looks because the barefoot kids are mine. I wish I could say with integrity that their shoes are off because I don't want any disturbance to the proper function and development of their feet. The t [...]

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Sex Ed Is Failing in the USA – You Can Help

Why are we whispering about sex ed?Editor's Note: I’m still traumatized by our sex ed “health” class in middle school. I've blocked what was said and how it was said, except for one experiment:The rows of desks with kids exchanging fluids (ew, gross!) in test tubes to see how fast STDs can spread.There was a vague mention that sex can feel good but you should just say no [...]

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The Humidifier That Is Easy To Clean

I'm sold. You can order the Miro Luma on Amazon through this link or below.If you have Amazon Prime, you can always send it back if you don't like it. But I guarantee you will. It's amazing.With the discounted price, the Miro Clean Pot is a humidifier that is easy to clean and easy to use. Looking at the reviews, I saw a lot of bad ones, but when reading the bad reviews, it see [...]

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