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Lies About Parenting is known for debunking parenting myths for healthier, happier families. Our experts deep dive with evidence-based, wisdom-filled articles on topics like temper tantrums, frustration tolerance, sex ed, and even over-looked causes of rosacea.

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What We Want

Surprising Points are key. Write down what you think your audience expects you to say, then give us a new take...but only if it makes sense. (Ashley's WaPo article on bullying is a prime example.)

What We Need

Posts must be founded in research, grounded in daily life, and dedicated to helping parents stay involved without over-parenting their kids. Links, people, links!

What We Expect

LAP editors pride themselves on the evidence-based and wisdom-filled articles published here. Braggarts are not welcome. Don’t rant, rail, or revel in living an unhealthy life. Seriously, don't bother.

Step 1. Get a Feel for LAP's Writing Style

Read some of articles to get a feeling for the writing style we enjoy sharing on LiesAboutParenting. May we suggest:

Choose Your Post Style

This is Lies About Parenting, dedicated to debunking parenting myths. We want surprising advice, grounded in research and daily life. Let me repeat: grounded in research and daily life. 

Our Favorite Submissions Have:

  • An introduction that grabs the reader (always a personal story or relatable event) - keep it short!
  • A deep discussion of a struggle/topic
  • Lots of actionable advice (list, revelation, how-to, resources)
  • An uplifting takeaway (leave your reader better off than you found them

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Send us your best + the Fine print

Lies About Parenting retains exclusive publishing rights for 120 days, but then you can pimp your post wherever you’d like, but you MUST credit the original article with a link. (This means somewhere in every republished post you must include the text, “This article originally appeared on liesaboutparenting.com.” The text can change, if you'd like to insert a link back in the post, but it must contain a working link to LAP.)

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Let's Recap

  • Authentic talk is what we’re looking for. Tell us how you’ve become a better parent or learned something about who you are as a parent or person. Don’t wallow, and always end with an actionable, uplifting call to action
  • Be clear about what you're pitching
  • Submit your outline or post. Again, include a compelling introduction, key points, takeaway advice, and any links or research you plan to use. You can also submit a complete post, but be aware if it’s accepted that editing is highly likely. Editing is a not a criticism of your work but an opportunity to make sure your voice comes across loud and clear.

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