The Humidifier That Is Easy To Clean

Looking for a humidifier that is easy to clean?

Look no further. You need a humidifier that is easy to clean.

We found one.

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Here’s how the humidifier situation used to go down in my house:

Someone comes down with a cold and you know it’s gonna be a bad one. So you dig out your trusty, old humidifier – only to find it’s cracked. Or smells funny. Or it has enough greenish black mold and mildew in the tank to grow a swamp.

Just imagine what’s growing in the bowels of that humidifier, in all those parts you can’t get to. If you can’t picture it, try cutting up a rubber ducky to see what hangs out in moist environments. Ew, gross. (You can trash that the duck now.)

The solution seems simple. A quick click on Amazon or a trip to your big box retailer solves the problem. For $30-60 you’ve got yourself a brand spankin’ new humidifier.

You’ve also bought yourself a mold-making machine.

The Problem With Cheap Humidifiers

Vick’s, Crane, Safety 1st, or a generic store brand are the typical baby humidifier options you’ll come across. And they should solve the problems of dry air, congestion just like they promise. Right?


Don’t click or pay just yet.

The Solution Is A Humidifier That Is Easy To Clean

Now if I know you, you’ve already read about the dangers of warm-mist humidifiers. You know all about the importance of cleaning the tanks and innards properly to cut down on mold and other nasty gunk production inside of your humidifier.

The goal of a humidifier is to soothe people – not spread disease.

The Biggest Problem

You can’t clean every piece of most humidifiers. It’s impossible.

We’ve tried.

Sure, you can run water and vinegar through them, but that doesn’t solve the buildup problem. Think about the grout around your shower or tub. They’re humid places with lots of steam, like humidifiers. If you don’t give them a good scrub every once in awhile, gross stuff starts to build up.

Like mold.

Splashing vinegar in the corners of your shower won’t solve the problem and it won’t clean a humidifier properly, either. Only scrubbing will clean your shower.

And your shower has whole lot more airflow than the typical humidifier.

Baby Humidifier Buying a Safe, Healthy One

Do You Even Need A Humidifier?

There’s another problem. It’s debatable whether or not you even need a humidifier. (Hey, this is Lies About Parenting. We’re dedicated to being honest.)

Research suggests that a baby humidifier will NOT help baby (or you) get over your cold or illness any faster. Doctors and medical experts say there is no marked improvement in cold duration when using a humidifier.

Okay, fine. We agree with the science. But… if you know what it feels like to wake up with a parched throat and a tongue that feels like the Sahara Desert, then you know you want a humidifier that is easy to clean around the house.

Soothing can be just as helpful as curing.

So, Which Humidifier Is Easy To Clean?

I’ve used every kind of baby humidifier on the market and it wasn’t until 2015 that I found THE ONE.

It’s easier to show you than tell you. Watch the video to see how it works.

I tried the others. We had a couple of Cranes, I borrowed a Vick’s, we hijacked a friend’s cute frog-shaped Crane. The frog had me at hello. But the cracked plastic and blackish stuff growing in it had me saying goodbye!

Not into a tankless humidifier? We get it. It’s not for everyone. Here are our top picks of easy to clean cool mist humidifiers that have tanks:

The research began. My daughter came down with a nasty upper respiratory infection, and I was desperate. An Amazon Prime member, I knew I could get a baby humidifier delivered within a day or two and spend a lot less than a quick trip to Walgreens, Walmart, or Target would cost me.

October 7, 2019 update: I’m loving the newest version of the Miro! While this review is for the original Miro CleanPot, which has been discontinued, I’m liking their new version even more (it’s prettier, too!). Find it on Amazon here.

Enter the Miro CleanPot Cool-Mist Humidifier and Aroma Oil Diffuser. The modern, kick-ass design is what caught my eye.

Just look at this thing!

I’ll admit it. I like pretty things.

But it just gets better. Not only is it cool to look at, this amazing contraption comes apart completely, allowing you to clean every single part of the baby humidifier.

It’s ultrasonic, cool air mist, and you can use oils with it.

The downside? Well, it used to be the price… but not anymore.
Due to a few bad reviews among the excellent ones (keep reading this post, because I’m one of the bad reviewers originally).

The year before, I spent almost $90 on baby humidifiers. One cracked and one molded. This one, at around $139, would pay for itself in 18 months.

Bonus: I’m not pumping mold into our bedroom anymore.

Gasp! I know. I spent $139 on a humidifier. One that I’ll be able to use for years, with no risk of infection or disease if I clean it.

But it’s awesome that’s there’s no gross mold, mildew, or buildup in the water tank or around parts I can’t access.

How does the Miro CleanPot manage to stay clean?

It has no tank.

Also known as a tankless humidifier. Due to some bad reviews on Amazon, it’s also a REALLY GOOD BUY. Unfortunately, people didn’t pay attention to the assembly instructions.

A baby humidifier that is ultrasonic, tankless, and 100% cleanable?


The Downside To A Humidifier That Is Easy To Clean

I’ve found is you have to be careful of the ultrasonic bit and the pieces must be put together properly to function. It’s easy to use, but user error had me filing a complaint a few weeks after purchase. I put it together, turned it on, cranked the dial-up and – nothing.

No mist, no aromatherapy, no soothing sensation.

I was MAD after spending over $100! Turns out I (and a lot of other reviewers on Amazon) should have paid more attention to reassembling the humidifier that is easy to clean.

I contacted Miro’s support team, and within 72 hours had a new ultrasonic part on my doorstep (with a free aromatherapy oil thrown in for my “patience”).

It gets better. Turns out the part was never broken… my partner put it together the next time, and it turns out I had the ultrasonic thingy off balance. That’s why it wasn’t making mist or vapor.

User Error Is Pretty Common With a Miro Clean Pot

The Miro is a user-friendly humidifier that is easy to clean, once you get the hang of it. The customer service was of the highest quality. Miro’s aroma oils are fantastic and it only takes 2 drops to scent an entire room.

The learning curve is simple if you watch the quick video and make sure the ultrasonic thingy is properly inserted.

And it looks freaking awesome.

[Note for people who don't pay attention: This is a bowl of water with a humidifier floating in it. Do not put the bowl too close to your child. Geez.]

I’m sold. You can order the Miro Luma on Amazon through this link or below.

If you have Amazon Prime, you can always send it back if you don’t like it. But I guarantee you will. It’s amazing.

With the discounted price, the Miro Clean Pot is a humidifier that is easy to clean and easy to use. Looking at the reviews, I saw a lot of bad ones, but when reading the bad reviews, it seems like a lot of people aren’t taking the time to figure out how the Miro humidifier works.

Give it a try. It’s inexpensive and the best humidifier that is easy to clean.

The best prices I’ve found for the Miro Clean Pot are on Let me know if you find a better price in the comments! Thanks.

I was not compensated in any way for this review, by the way. All opinions are my own.

Get the next gen Miro CleanPot on Amazon today. (The old one is no longer available.)


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