The Best Electric Toothbrush for 8 year old kids

Pssst... there's even better news. This top-rated best electric toothbrush for 8 year old kids retails for less than $50! 

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best electric toothbrush for 8 year old philips sonicare
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Philips Sonicare for Kids Bluetooth Connected Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush, HX6321/02

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Electric Toothbrush For 8 Year Old Kids


MSRP $49.99  (I found it for less than $40 on Amazon.)


This is the best electric toothbrush for 8 year old kids we have found, especially for the price. You don't need a more expensive brush to get the job done well. 500 vibrations per minute ensures clean teeth and the free Bluetooth app turns toothbrushing into a game and reinforces healthy habits. This electric toothbrush is pediatric dentist recommended and our top choice for quality and value. 

We’ve been on the hunt for the best electric toothbrush for 8 year old kids for a while now. The choices are overwhelming, from too-cheap-to-be-good to crazy-expensive! 

Which one do you buy?

What’s the best deal?!?  

Do I really need to drop a couple of hundred bucks on a toothbrush for a kid, or myself?!


Thanks to an excellent pediatric dentist and LAP’s research and testing, we've found the brush for the money. No, you do not have to shell out hundreds - or even $100 - dollars for a high-quality electric toothbrush for 8 year old kids. You don’t even have to spend $50.

Just want the electric toothbrush for 8 year old kids that we recommend? Here you go!

Our dentist recommends the Philips Sonicare For Kids (91% of dental professionals prefer this brush for their kids). Toothbrushing battles ended when we bought this brush. With Amazon Prime (free trial here), it will be at your door in about two days. Doesn’t get much easier than that!

Philips Sonicare For Kids

We purchased the Philips Sonicare for Kids at our pediatric dentist's recommendation. He works with kids who have major dental issues resulting from cancer and other diseases. Plus, he has decades of experience convincing healthy kids to brush their teeth the right way. This guy knows his stuff.

At our last checkup, I asked Doc for suggestions on how to get my child to improve her toothbrushing.

We were having the usual brush battles: not brushing long enough or well enough. Flossing? Forget about it. He told me to buy this brush and that would be the end of my problem. I tried to buy it in the dentist’s office, but they stopped selling them because Amazon sells it for so much less and he didn’t want to take advantage of us (I told you, this guy is awesome!).

Doc had me pull out my phone and head to Amazon, where I pulled the brush up and ordered it on the spot. 

best electric toothbrush for 8 year old Philips Sonicare

Why Is This The Best Electric Toothbrush For 8 Year Old Kids?

What I loved the most was the pediatric dentist wasn’t selling me the most expensive one or newest brush.


He made sure of three things:

  1. The electric toothbrush was the Philips Sonicare brand for kids 
  2. Bluetooth-enabled, this toothrbush has a free app that you won't be able to live without.
  3. The brush head has 500 vibrations per minute.

I ordered on Amazon and it arrived two days later, charged and ready to go. The package included a charger, directions, a warranty card, and bling for the brush. The bling is different faceplates and stickers to decorate the electric toothbrush with. 

best electric toothrbush for kids bluetooth enabled

Shipping was fast and the package was in great condition when it arrived. 



The price on Amazon was less than anywhere else that I could find. There was a coupon for an extra $5 off when I ordered. Be sure to look for (and check!) the coupon box if it’s there.

The Problem With Most Electric Toothbrushes For Kids

Philips Sonicare for Kids aims to solve the problem most parents have, whether they have electric or regular toothbrushes. Kids don’t want to brush their teeth. They do a pretty crappy job of brushing their teeth and an even crappier job of brushing for long enough.

Honestly, as an adult I was struggling too. (So I bought this one for me in a cool flat-black color.)  

A daily conversation in our house, until the arrival of our new toothbrushes.

Me: Did you brush your teeth as I asked?

Kid: Yes! Smell! (blows gross bubble gum breath in my face)

Me: I asked you less than 30 seconds ago. That means you squirted toothpaste and brushed for less than ten seconds. I bet the blob of toothpaste fell off and is in the sink. Go back and brush your teeth, for real this time.

Kid: But I brushed my teeth already!!!

[insert angry footstomp] Mommy, you’re no fair. You’re mean.

[I follow her into the bathroom and sure enough, there’s the blob of toothpaste in the sink.]…It goes on, but I don’t need to tell you.

You know how it is. My kid was not brushing long enough or well enough to make me –or a dentist– happy. Until this electric toothbrush arrived.

Philips sonicare for kids electric toothbrush


When it arrived, I was surprised to see the electric toothbrush was Bluetooth-enabled.  

The simple instructions said to download an app. Ugh, right? Who needs another app?

Except you do need another app - this toothbrushing app. I swear to you!

We downloaded the app on my phone and met Sparkly, a tooth-brushing friendly monster. Your child's first act is to hatch from an egg on the screen, then name it. The app only asked for my child’s name, which I liked. No email accounts or confidential information necessary. You can create many brush accounts on one app, so this is a great option for multi-kid families. The fight over tooth-brushing ended because toothbrushing turned into a game. My child hatched the monster and was hooked. The app gifts the child and monster with items like food, spray paint (to change fur color), and monster accessories every time a tooth-brushing is successfully completed.

But back to the best electric toothbrush for 8 year old kids: Sonicare for kids has a sturdy design.

It features 6 interchangeable faceplates to customize the look of the brush. If your kids are a bit older, you’ll appreciate the green-grass faceplate, which doesn’t have monsters on it. Also included were a selection of vinyl monster stickers to decorate the brush handle. Fun stuff! 

“I love that the app syncs with the toothbrush and makes toothbrushing fun. A bonus is you don't have to give the app much personal information (not even an email address!). ”

The sturdy design, fair price, and fun kids' app makes this electric toothbrush a best buy.

Philips Sonicare For Kids Bluetooth Connected Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush HX6321/02

A sturdy design and excellent price are combined with an engaging app that connects via Bluetooth to this toothbrush. Kids learn to care for their teeth and follow their actual toothbrushing (through the mouth of their monster in the app).

If the child stops too soon, the monster gets sad and encourages them to finish. Gifts show up on the screen after each successful toothbrushing, reinforcing positive behavior.

Older kids can stop using the app and still have the timed toothbrushing (1 or 2-minute brushing options).

Easy to use, a fantastic value, and pediatric dentist recommended are all reasons why we love this electric toothbrush for 8 year old kids.

Philips Sonicare for kids app
philips sonicare for kids app 2


This electric toothbrush for 8 year old kids features a great amount of benefits in such a well-priced package.

The bristles operate at 500 vibrations per second, when means you glide the brush over the teeth instead of scrubbing. Scrubbing too hard may cause gums to recede. Plus your teeth feel so CLEAN afterward!

The customizable faceplates and stickers make it fun to open and begin using. 

The app makes toothbrushing feel like a game and is simple to use. It connects to the brush via Bluetooth, as shows the inside of the monster’s mouth. The app then guides the child exactly how to use the toothbrush.

Start at one minute of brush time and work your way up to two minutes (or go straight to two, if you’re already there!)

Your child receives little gifts to give their own Sparkly after every successful toothbrushing. They can only feed their monster prior to the next toothbrushing, but they can play with it anytime.


BONUS: Sparkly won’t eat food right after brushing his teeth, so you’re not reinforcing negative behaviors.

You can log times your child brushes their teeth without using the app.

Sparkly gets sad and shows the child when brushing is too short or missing for too long.

How Does It Work?

Watching this video is the easiest way to see how the toothbrush works. 

Opening the package, we were happy to see we could use the toothbrush right out of the box, then charge it afterward. The instructions told us to first download the FREE Sonicare Kids App.

Directions were clear and sent me to the app store (I used my phone, but it works with tablets too) to download the Sonicare Kids App. It's free. Downloading and launching was a quick and easy process.  

After the app was installed, we created a simple account with her name. No email or personal information required. The app told her she was going to have to care for her new “Sparkly” after it hatched from its egg (which she made happen by tapping the screen). 

Once she hatched her Sparkly, she received lots of positive reinforcement in the shape of gifts for her Sparkly. She got to open each one on the screen. The gifts include cans of spray paint to change Sparkly’s fur color, plus crazy glasses, new backgrounds, and both fun and healthy foods (donuts to carrots).

More About The App

Over 90% of parents say it gets their kids to brush longer and better.  

The app connects via Bluetooth to the toothbrush and starts off with 1-minute of brushing. When the brush is ready, you click “Start Brushing” on the phone/tablet screen. Sparkly gives a quick tip that improves brushing performance and then it is time to turn on the brush. 

When the brush is turned on, Sparkly’s mouth opens and you see a toothbrush that you can follow along with.

The charge lasts for weeks at a time. We started recharging every two weeks, just to keep it topped up.  


The Good Stuff:
  • 98% say it's easier to get kids to brush better and for longer
  • 2 brush head sizes (older kids can move up to larger size, but it comes with size small)
  • It removes up to 75% more plaque than a regular toothbrush (this is nothing like the cheaper battery powered ones you can buy at the grocery store!)
  • 500 vibrations per minute
  • Gliding brush instead of brushing results in less potential for gum line recession
  • Ready to use out of the box
  • Customizable faceplates and stickers for decoration
  • Quick app set-up
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Super long charge! We only charge ours every couple of weeks, and use it twice a day.
  • App for kids slowly increases the amount of brushing time until they reach a full two minutes, as recommended by dentists.
  • App allows for many accounts (kids) with minimal information needed.
  • Sparkly is fun to play with! My daughter looks forward to opening the gifts and scrambles for her toothbrush every morning and night.
  • Can log missed brushings (or manual brushings) within app
  • Positive reinforcement of healthy brushing habits (you can’t feed your Sparkly right after a tooth-brushing)
  • Great price point

  • The Bad Stuff:
    • ​Must charge fully after first use
    • Take a couple of tries to get the hang of when to turn the brush on to get Sparkly to brush with you.To use: Click ‘Start Brushing’ then let Sparkly give you a quick 5-second lesson (or skip the lesson by tapping ‘Skip’), then turn on the toothbrush and Sparkly joins in with his mouth wide open to show your child exactly how to brush.
    • The vibration of the brush takes some getting used to. For reference, my daughter, myself and my husband got used to using the brush after 3-4 uses.
    • Cost-prohibitive for some

    best offer

    Philips Sonicare For Kids Electric Toothbrush Is Our Best Buy

    With an MSRP of $49.99, this toothbrush can usually be found on Amazon for less. 


    Check for coupons and discounts on Amazon to get find the lowest price on this best electric toothbrush for 8 year olds!

    Shipping was free since I have Amazon Prime (30-day free trial here if you’ve never used it!).

    I saw highly recommended electric toothbrushes for 8 year old kids like this one, but no way am I paying $100 or more!

    And our dentist pointed out that we don’t need anything better than 500 vibrations per second.

    Doc said the secret is the Bluetooth-enabled kids’ app is what makes this toothbrush work like magic in our household. Doc also warned us not to be fooled by all the “bells and whistles” the more expensive electric toothbrushes for 8 year old kids can come equipped with.  

    Why Is This The Best Electric Toothbrush For 8 Year Old Kids?

    In conclusion, this is the best electric toothbrush for 8 year old kids (used with kids ranging in age from 6 years old to 10 years old) we’ve found.

    For the price, you get a lot of value – a high-quality electric toothbrush that engages and guides your child in properly brushing their teeth. I ordered the toothbrush through Amazon and it arrives quickly and undamaged.

    The Bluetooth-enabled brush syncs to the Sonicare for Kids App on a phone or tablet. I’m glad to report the app does NOT require you to share email or personal information. Syncing the phone and the toothbrush is easy for kids to manage on their own. Then the monster guides them through properly brushing their teeth. It's engaging and fun for kids and the positive reinforcement of not eating after brushing is much appreciated!

    Even if you don’t use the app, this electric toothbrush is the best value for the money we could find. This electric toothbrush for 8 year old kids will change the way your child thinks about brushing their teeth.

    It ended the toothbrushing battle in our house, increased how long our child brushes, and worked so well I bought the adult version for myself and my husband! Get yours on Amazon here.

    best offer

    Philips Sonicare For Kids Electric Toothbrush Is Our Best Buy

    With an MSRP of $49.99, this toothbrush can usually be found on Amazon for less. 

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