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Better yet, listen to this podcast, on Beyond Your Blog, about what it takes to get your work featured on Lies About Parenting! 

Update: Ashley is featured in a Blogger Etiquette Submission Q&A with a group of very talented editors. Please have a listen here.​

Here’s the deal: We have publishing standards and follow a specific writing style and format. Ashley, the site's editor, thinks she is bitchy when it comes to editing, but people say otherwise.

Fair warning: If you can't take rewrites, cuts, and heavy edits, then this isn't the place for you. 

If you want to be a better writer and understand that the editing process is meant to make your voice stronger, then bring it.

Lies About Parenting is known for writing some pretty controversial posts. But (and it’s a big but) the advice, stories, and experiences are grounded in raising open-minded, empathetic, questioning little humans.

The “lazy” approach to parenting is founded in science. While we all get a great laugh over funny, it’s-okay-to-be-a-slacker-parent-posts, we need to dig a little deeper.

Tell us your story in a highly relatable way. The easiest way to do this is to remove the word “I” from your writing. Yeah, it’s tough, but your reader wants to connect with you; to feel like you’re saying what they’re thinking. Personal stories are encouraged, but think about how the story will benefit your reader and not you.

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Lies About Parenting

The 3 Rules of Writing for LAP

  1. Surprising Points are key. Write down what you think your audience would say, then write the opposite. If it, you know, make sense. 
  2. Posts must be founded in research, grounded in daily life, and dedicated to helping parents stay involved without over-parenting their kids. Links, people, links!
  3. Braggarts are not welcome. Don’t rant, rail, or revel in living an unhealthy life. We try not to under-parent or over-parent. 

Okay, so you still want to write for us. Sweet! Here’s what you need to do:

Step 1. Read these articles to get a feel for the style our audience enjoys:
  1. 8 Ways to Raise Kids Who Can Cope 
  2. Dear Parents, What This Teacher Secretly Wishes She Could Tell You
  3. 10 Ways to Raise a Reader For Life
Step 2. Decide what style post you’d like to pitch us:
  1. Featured Post (Surprise Advice) - This is Lies About Parenting, people. We want surprising advice, grounded in research and daily life. Let me repeat: grounded in research and daily life. If you have a post idea (list style or how to) do this first: write down all the points the reader would expect you to make. Then show us how the opposite is really true…you know, if it makes sense. Find the truth in parenting. 
  2. How We Do It - (Currently UNPAID)  Share your story. Made a drastic change in your life? Tell us. 400-700 words. (Use “I” as little as possible. Engage your reader. Make them relate.)
  3. A Revelation (unpaid) - Cutting off all your hair is a sign of stress, buying clothes is a sign of unhappiness, throwing massive birthday parties is a way to ease the guilt of parenting in a busy world. Share your revelation with us! 500 words or less works best. We'll pin the heck out of ya! ;-)
Step 3. Outline your pitch - Format Matters
    • Introduction that grabs the reader (always a personal story or relatable event) - keep it short!
    • discussion of struggle/topic
    • actionable advice (list, revelation, how-to, resources)
    • uplifting takeaway (leave your reader better off than you found them)
    • download this handy-dandy PDF cheatsheet for writing great blog posts
...continuing the pitch process:
  1. Authentic talk is what we’re looking for. Tell us how you’ve become a better parent or learned something about who you are as a parent or person. Don’t wallow, and always end with an actionable, uplifting call to action.
  2. Choose your pitch format: Surprising Advice (Feature), How We Do It, or A Revelation
  3. Submit your outline or post. Again, include a compelling introduction, key points, takeaway advice, and any links or research you plan to use. You can also submit a complete post, but be aware if it’s accepted that editing is highly likely. Editing is a not a criticism of your work but an opportunity to make sure your voice comes across loud and clear.
Step 4. Submit your pitch.
  1. Include the phrase “LAP Submission” in the subject line of your email. I get a lot of email, and this will ensure your pitch is received and reviewed.
  2. Send your outline. Email ashley @ liesaboutparenting .com (no spaces) or click the link below.

Send us your best. Lies About Parenting retains exclusive publishing rights for 120 days, but then you can pimp your post wherever you’d like, but you MUST credit the original article with a link. (This means somewhere in every republished post you must include the text, “This article originally appeared on liesaboutparenting.com.” The text can change, if you'd like to insert a link back in the post, but it must contain a working link to LAP.)

Oh yeah, and be a fan before submitting, okey-dokey? Seriously. Email notifications, Twitter, and Facebook are a must. Pinterest for brownie points.


We're tickled pink you're interested in writing for Lies About Parenting. Make us laugh and learn.

What’s In It For Me?

Here’s our promise to you, dear writer:
  1. We’ll pay you $50 per Featured Piece (never published), 48 hours prior to publication. Please note How We Do It posts are currently unpaid, due to budget constraints. 
  2. Link back to your website in the byline directly below the post. This encourages visitors to visit you!
  3. Your work will be promoted to our email subscribers, and on social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest).

Not Sure What to Write?

Here are some headlines we’d love to see published!

The Real Reason… [insert amazing revelation]

What Your Craving for ____ Might Really Mean

Top 10 Tips to Keep Your Kid Alive in the Car

X Ways to Avoid Over-Parenting Traps

Over-Parenting vs Under-Parenting Showdown

How To Tell if You’re an Over-Parent (and what you can do about it)

How We Do It: [insert your amazing story here]

X Secrets About Toddler Behavior They Wish You Didn't Know

X Ways to Know Your Kid Is Getting Enough Sleep

7 Surprising Reasons Your Kid is Acting Out

How to Know When Nap Time is Really Over

X Reasons to Keep the Nap

X Surefire Ways to Raise a Gossip Girl

X Common Mistakes That Raise Emotionally Immature Kids

X Ways to Avoid Screwing Your Kid Up For Life

A New Parent’s Guide to a Clean House in 15 Minutes a Day or Less

How to Give Your Child a Choice and a Voice (Without Spoiling Them)

Please, Stop Poisoning My Child.

X Ways Your Daycare is Undermining Your Parenting Authority

An Open Letter To My Partner About Sex, Babies, and On-Time Dinners.

X Little-Known Factors That Can Turn a Good Kid Into an Anxious Wreck

5 Reasons Your Child Might Not Have ADHD After All

How To Quickly Redesign Your Child's Room To Stay Clean.

How To Help Your Child Thrive With Less

The Secret To A Clean Kid's Room

The Best Layout For A Child's Room [Montessori inspired or similar]

We're tickled pink you're interested in writing for Lies About Parenting. Please remember, we love posts that are founded in research, but grounded in daily life. Make us laugh and learn. 

Guest posts will always include a link back to your site, and are promoted to our email subscribers, and on social media channels.  

For more about Ashley, and Lies About Parenting, please visit the About Page.

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