Thin Frizzy Hair Solutions That Actually Work?

Frizzy hair solutions — girl, SIGH! I’ve spent every day of the the last twenty-five years thinking about thin frizzy hair and what could be done to smooth or fix it. That’s a quarter of a century of hating my hair and it’s finger-in-an-electric-socket look. 

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Tried All These Thin Frizzy Hair Solutions?

  • Supplements and diets
  • No-poo (cleaning with rye flour)
  • Low-poo (clean shampoos used sparingly)
  • Co-condish (cleansing with conditioner)
  • Quitting styling tools
  • Transitioning to natural (wavy) hair & products
  • Not dying your hair (let it 100% grow out)
  • Dying your hair (color deposit to smooth the hair cuticle)
  • Every mask and conditioner that promises smooth locks
  • Olaplex treatments

Then keep reading, because I am so excited to be the one to introduce you to a life-changing DIY at-home smoothing hair treatment!!! 

Just want the DIY product?

Thin, Frizzy Hair, Meet Keratin Treatments

Frizzy hair solutions have failed to deliver what they promised me, too many times to count. The only thin frizzy hair smoothing treatment that has ever worked, until now, was the in-salon keratin smoothing treatments.

And honestly, if you can afford and don’t live by the ocean (salt kills keratin smoothers), stop reading. Just get yourself to a salon that offers the Keratin Complex Treatment and do that.

No, it’s not that Brazilian treatment that kills your hair. It’s a Keratin Smoothing Treatment.

Hear me out.

In-Salon Keratin Treatment (Option 1)

  • The in-salon treatment keratin smoothing treatment I’m talking about does NOT take your natural curl away. It’s just a smoothing treatment.
  • Yes, it’s crazy expensive, but maybe worth it if you spends hundreds a year searching for the magic potion that gets rid of frizzy hair. 
  • It binds keratin to your hair so it’s smoother and shinier. And, you don’t have to wait to wash your hair after the treatment has been applied. 

I tried the Express treatment and it was great—while it lasted. It was supposed to last 4-6 weeks if you avoided salt and chloride. 

The Express treatment cost $150 + tip, not including cut, color, or styling. 

It was beautiful while it lasted, but my hair was back to its normal frizzy mess in about three weeks, so I couldn’t justify the cost. Nor was I springing for the full treatment at $250 for 10 weeks, knowing it would wash out sooner than expected.  

But I’m unwilling to shell out $150-350 + tip every four to ten weeks, so I had to find another way. 

So I went online, wondering if there was maybe an at-home treatment that would offer similar results. Like what I did for my rosacea problem


Meet Gussi: A DIY Thin Frizzy Hair Solution

Gussi is an at-home keratin smoothing treatment that works just as well as the in-salon one, in my experience. 

Full disclosure: I was SO stinking excited after trying Gussi that I contacted the company and joined their affiliate program. This is only the third time in my online “life” I’ve done that. So while I may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you to help keep this website running, YOU get to use my link, get the kick-ass discount, and know I’m only recommending it because it literally changed my life!

A Real Before & After

I have been tricked far too many times by fancy photos of perfectly styled hair that’s been flat-ironed within an inch of its life. 

Seriously, your hair flat-ironed after a treatment is not what I want to see. What we need is before and after photos of air-dried hair.

Perfection is not what you’re going to see here. Below are some before-and-after Gussi treatment photos of my hair in its natural state. When you apply the treatment, you have to flat iron your hair, but I’m not showing it because my hair flat-ironed is nothing like it is dried naturally. 

Flat-ironed hair looks shiny, like normal hair, not the thin frizzy mess I have most of the time. 

The pictures show my hair air-dried. No hairdryer, flat iron, curling iron, or hair products. I will no have that JLo bounce, but the fact that I can regularly wear my hair down, even in the 90% humidity we’ve experienced all summer long?! Sold.

Verdict: I’m sold. Gussi works.

Gussi Before and after

Hair Before

My hair before my first Gussi at-home keratin hair treatment:

Note: I applied a toner treatment in-between these photos but that never changes the frizz factor. Just trying to keep it 100% honest.

…and after (air dried)

You guys, this stuff WORKS! It tamed my thin, frizzy hair into a manageable mane for weeks at a time! 

Why I’ll Keep Gussi

Okay, so here’s what really stands out about the Gussi at-home keratin smoothing treatment to me:


My hair doesn’t react to the humidity, not even the rain! Blew it dry in 89% humidity and wore it down. Girl, that is NEW. I’ve never been able to do that. 

KeePs Natural Curl

It didn’t take my curl away. The first time I applied it, my hair was definitely straighter than I like, but I went a little heavy on the product. Second time was a charm. Bouncy, frizz-free smoothness when using a round brush and hairdryer. No flatiron needed! 

Stink & Sting Free

Gussi treatments don’t smell, sting, or hurt me. There was a little tingle, but nothing like other products I’ve tried in the past. Yay!

Free Of The Nasties

No nasties! Gussi is formaldehyde-free, phthalate-free, gluten-free, and paraben-free. It’s also certified cruelty-free. I sound like an ad for them, but seriously, it’s just that good. 


With my thin hair, I get 2-3 treatments per bottle. That works out to $15-30/every 6-8 weeks (for me, anyway). Can’t beat that price.


The Gussi at-home keratin smoothing treatment ended up lasting me 8 weeks the first time. And that was during a humid, Deep South summer! Since then, I’m reapplying every 6 weeks or so. 

Pretty Quick Application

It me about an hour to apply Gussi from beginning to end. But the time I save blowdrying and styling my hair for the next 6 weeks makes it worth it! (And really, it’s no different than getting ready for a night out.) 

Thin Frizzy Hair Solutions That Work 

If you can afford the in-salon keratin treatments as regular part of your frizzy hair care routine, get yourself to your salon STAT. 

But if you’re like the rest of us, short on time and unwilling to spend thousands of dollars a year on fighting frizz, then grab discount code ASHLEY and head over to Gussi’s website to get you some. 

thin frizzy hair solutions gussi before and after

Seriously, Gussi as a frizzy hair solution is a game-changer. This at-home smoothing keratin treatments ensures I no longer have to guess at how my hair is going to react to the weather every day. Now, I just wash, maybe blow dry, and head out. If you have thin, frizzy hair like me, Gussi is a game-changer. 

I’m done searching for miracle products, masks, and treatments. I hope you are, too! 

Let me know in the comments if you enjoy it as much as I do! 


Use this link or coupon code ASHLEY to snag 15% off!


Gussi’s site ships super-fast, but Amazon has it too. Here’s the 2-piece set, or 4-piece set with shampoo & conditioner. 

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