Do not get on Facebook until you read this post.

It’s about kids and gun safety. Oh, and playdates.

With the recent mass shooting in San Bernardino, California, conversations have flared about gun violence in the US.

Americans have the right to bear arms.

Got it.

American has gun control.

Sort of.

Honestly, we’re kinda out of control. But that’s a discussion for another day.

While we’re all running around getting ready for the holidays and school vacay, a few reminders about gun safety seemed smart, while not quite of the ’tis the season variety.

If your kid is at someone’s house, it’s your job to know if there’s a gun in the house.

Better safe than sorry.

Check out The Question I Ask Before Any Playdate and lead by example.

Yeah, it’s an uncomfortable conversation. But it’s one that many parents wish they had.

And while we’re at it:

Before we talk about gun control, “crazy” people, and mass shootings with your children, start with some basic facts.

  1. Yes, criminals will still find guns. Or pipe bombs. Or whatever crazy people have access to. But, restricting that access makes it harder to gain access. That’s the point. Gun Control does not mean an end to right to bear arms. Seriously, the right to bear arms (however hotly contested it is) is here to stay. It’s about not making it so easy for someone to walk in and buy an Uzi.
  2. Gun-owning Americans support stricter gun control.
  3. The recent San Bernardino shooters had access to purchase guns and ammo that could “plow through walls.” Seriously, folks? Is the deer that strong when you’re hunting that you need to shoot through a wall first?

Don’t let your FB peeps use ignorance as a shield from facts and debate.

There will always be crazy people with guns. But if we take away the right to own a gun designed to kill large numbers of people, that’ll make it a whole lot harder to get your hands on one.

Maybe that starts with gun shows. Or stricter background checks. Or longer waiting periods. I don’t know… but I do know every parents needs to get behind doing something.

Revised gun control is a good thing. It means, if done properly, those crazy-killing-machine-guns won’t be in your kid’s best friend’s house.

If we could eliminate half the deaths by firearms in the USA, shouldn’t we?

It’s something to think about.

In the meantime, don’t forget to ask what the gun situation is before your child visits anyone else’s house.

That includes family.

Happy holidaying… and stay safe! Warm wishes and see you next week.

Kids and gun safety matter. Let’s make sure our kids know just how much they matter.

  • This absolutely NAILED it. And yes, doctors also need to include gun safety in their family safety discussions . . . .

    • Thanks, Julie! A very polarizing topic, but child safety comes first. I just always go back to thinking about how parents must feel who did not ask… and experienced a death or injury as a result? Scary. Thanks for the support…there’s a lot of people who do not agree!

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