You’re stuck with her. She's The One True Best Friend.

A great bestie is the best relationship you'll ever have. She's always got your back, wants the best for you, and doesn't need you to put out. 

We all have that one person. The one you can call in the middle of the night, who will answer the phone no matter what. You probably met her years ago.

She’s the one you’d marry, if you ever decided to swing that way.

When did you meet your bestie? I met mine over 25 years ago (ouch). Pre-braces, pre-boys, pre-everything but being a kid. She was the petite blonde. I was the Hulk standing in line behind her.

We’ve been inseparable ever since...even if miles separate us.

She’s Still The One. Remember that song? Well, now that we've had kids, our version’s a little different:

You're still the one I call when,

I've had a shitty day.

You're still the one I call when,

the baby's shit on me.

You get the idea…

There's no escaping her–she's here to stay. Pretty much everyone has gotten used to it, and your partner knows she’s part of your package deal. (He still gets his hopes up, occasionally, but knows it’ll never happen…he couldn’t handle both of you.)

Wondering if you’ve met your bestie? (No, you’re not. You know if you have.)

But, just to be clear, here are 7 signs that you’re besties for life:

7. The Secret Keeper

She's the one you can tell anything, too–and your secret's safe with her. From the first pregnancy scare to the first pregnancy "yes!", she's the one you can't wait to tell. As you get older, you might not always be able to reach her first, but you'll want to. (After kids, it's the thought that counts. A bestie understands.)

6. "The Look" 

She knows when you're full of shit, and isn't afraid to call you out on it. Once you've been friends long enough, you can even hear The Look over the phone (It's a certain kind of silence. You know it if you've heard it). The Bestie Look makes you feel more guilty than when your mom caught you making out at the movies, all those years ago.

5. People think you’re too close.

Besties are uncomfortably close. She's the one you could ask for anything, and if you needed it enough, she'd help to make it happen. Fresh undies, a break from your kids, a break from your life. She’ll make it happen.

4. She's Your Knight In Shining Armor

The one who will stand up for your honor, defend you in public (even if you're wrong), and kick the crap out of anyone who hurts you. She's your biggest fan, and best bodyguard.

3. She's Your Google Goggles 

Remember those? Google goggles made sure you didn't drunk text. Bad breakup, lonely night, bad day...she's the one you call first. Most importantly, she's the one who always answers the phone (even at 3 am).

2. She’s Your Bunker

A bestie for life is the one you run to when you can't take another minute of your life. Her door is always open, no matter what's going on in her life. She’ll let you in, get you a drink (or ten), and try to make it better. If she can't make it better, she'll at least get you drunk and make sure you don't do anything too stupid.

And the numero uno way to tell you gals are stuck like glue?

1. You would NEVER be Besties if you met today.

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