Harry Potter and the 7 Secrets of Successful Teaching

successful teaching harry potter 7 secrets parenting

I recently re-read the entire Harry Potter series. There was an awful lot of good, successful teaching going on at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. And some not-so-great teaching as well. Like Professor Binns, the ghost teacher who loved to lecture. His unsuccessful teaching style made me reflect on my own teaching career, which […]

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How To Reverse Rape Culture In Our Daughters

How to Reverse Rape Culture In Our Daughters- Raising Girls

Think Rape Culture Doesn’t Exist? Think Again Numerous polls show that most Americans believe the assault and rape charges against the American President Donald J. Trump were right but voted him in anyway. That’s rape culture. The Washington Post-Kaiser Poll (2015) found that 20% of young women who attended college during the past four years […]

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A Counselor Shares Her Family Communication Activities

How to Get Kids To Listen | Lies About Parenting

Article Goals: Get Kids To Listen Communicate More Effectively Reduce Family Fighting Anyone has the power to transform relationships, even a 9-year-old boy. True Story: There’s this family that seems to fight all the time. The parents can’t get kids to listen and the kids don’t feel like the parents listen. They can’t seem to […]

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