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Giving Feels So Good It Hurts

Two years ago, I was moved by a video where children from low-income families had to choose between a gift for themselves or one for their parents.

Watch it:

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These children chose a gift for their parents over one for themselves. Are you crying yet? It’s so sweet it hurts. 

At the end of the day, these kids willingly give up their dream Christmas gift, just so they can give their caregiver a present. Tears, I have tears!

If Santa were real, these children would be at the top of his ‘good’ list.
I wanted to use Santa and the tradition of giving gifts as a way to help my kids think of others before themselves. 

So I came up with a list of simple ways to encourage the spirit of giving this holiday season.  

  1. Salvation Army Santa: Next time you see a Santa collecting donations give your child a couple of dollars to drop into the collections plate.

  2. Christmas toy drive: Let your child select a toy the next time you’re shopping to donate to the local toy drive.

  3. Baking: Bake and distribute holiday cookies and other treats to people in your community. (Ashley and her family deliver home-baked cookies to their local fire station.)

  4. Suggesting gifts: Have them help you pick out a gift for a sibling or another family member.

  5. Stocking stuffers: If you hang stockings by the mantle have your children help you stuff them with treats for others.

Christmas spirit gift giving ideas

These are little things that children can feel good about.

Kickstart the holiday season with these easy Christmas spirit ideas.

Jolly Old Nick is the embodiment of the holiday season not because of the magic sled nor the flying reindeer, but because he gives without expecting to receive.

That’s the magic of Santa. Our children may not be saints, but perhaps they are capable of more generosity and selflessness than we give them credit for.

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