Can I make a confession?

There’s one thing that you’ll never find me doing as a parent.

One thing that you might do every night. One thing that you might think is crazy to skip. One thing you might even think is weird to not do. You might even think it’s...well, gross.

What is it? What is this one thing I won’t do as a parent that may sound so strange, so taboo, or at it's worst even “gross”?

Bathe my baby every night.

If you are one of the many parents that practice this nightly ritual you are likely wondering why anyone wouldn't. How can someone just let their baby stay “dirty” for more than a day?

Well, the biggest reason I don’t bathe my baby every night is because it’s a waste of time.

Yes, you read that right. It’s a waste of time because your baby is just not that dirty.

Changing baby's diaper is a different story. No need to be gross. Make sure you have a comfy changing pad and keep it clean!​

The all too familiar “bath time” is for you, the parent. Yes, you.

It’s not for your baby. It’s not for the health of your little bambino. It’s not even for the general public.

It’s for you. Too many parents get sucked into routine and obligatory tasks that they actually don’t have to do. So, I have gone against the grain and said “no” to bath time every night.

Here are the reasons I won’t bend to the “obligation” of giving my baby a bath every single night.

(Spoiler don't have to either!)

1. Your Baby Does Not Have BO.

This may come as a surprise, but your baby won’t smell like the boy’s middle school locker room if you don’t bathe him or her every day. After all, did your baby run a mile today? Did your baby pump some iron today at the gym? Odds are they did not. Your baby isn't getting all filthy while they ride shotgun in a Baby Bjorn so they just don’t need a bath every night. You can let it go.

2. There Are Amazing Tools to Handle Even The Messiest of Situations.

I know every parent out there has experienced their baby shitting his or her pants so bad, that it creeps up their back. When that happens, it’s time to get them in the tub, right? Well, I say wrong. That’s what wipes are for. Use what the parenting gods gave you. Clean that little darling up with wipes and go pour yourself a glass of wine. (You will need it after that episode.) Thank yourself for the extra time you just bought yourself and enjoy.

3. Your Baby Was Not Playing in the Mud.

Did your baby play in a mud puddle today?? No? Well, then, your baby does not need a bath. Bath time is for cleaning them, and if they are not dirty, don’t waste your time every night. Use the extra time for other things that are of a higher priority, like getting to bed earlier. You will thank yourself in the morning (you will thank me in the morning).

4. Babies Smell Yummy All the Time.

We are not talking about your husband’s smelly skin after a workout, or that locker room I mentioned earlier, or even the back seat of your car. Remember, we’re talking about babies. Babies are angelic. They smell like baby powder. So, remember to give them a break too. Let’s be honest, it’s for you, not for them. Keep that in mind when you are pulling out the towel and bath toys for the 5th time that week. Unless Big Brother has entered your home, no one will know that you are not giving your baby a bath every night. So, relax and hit the sack early with your boo. They will thank you.

5. You Deserve a Break.

Yes, it’s one of those nights. It’s cold and dreary, you had a long day at work and a frozen pizza is all you can muster up for dinner. Take the night off and give yourself a bubble bath instead. You deserve to sit down, get a glass of wine, watch Real Housewives and give yourself a little pamper time.

You have the biggest job in the world.

It's a job that often keeps you from getting a full night’s sleep. It's one that can make you feel overwhelmed, tired, and stretched too thin.

Let’s make life simpler.

Don’t get me wrong, you should definitely still clean your baby! But not every night.

We bathe our baby twice a week and it works great. Yes, you heard me right…..twice a week. We give her sponge baths every day but an actual bath every night just isn’t necessary.

This means that life in my house has become simpler. We spend more time playing, reading books and having dinner together and that’s what works for us.

So, to all the moms and dads out there that are afraid to break away from the pack and do what might be simpler, try it out.

Don’t let those judgy eyes bother you! What matters is what makes your life a little easier, and you know what….that’s ok.

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