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Yes, kids need science. But what you’re probably wondering is why?

With smartphones a finger’s length away and the almighty Google answering our biggest questions (you too, Siri), the education system’s desire to teach science is often ignored because getting information is so dang easy these days.

Do you we really need to know how when we can Google the answer?

Yes! Critical thinking skills are critical to professional success. Kids have to know how to identify a problem, potential answers, and experiment with solutions. Kids need science, even in English class. Puzzling out a problem is one of the most valuable skills they will ever learn. 21st century employers agree that critical thinking and problem-solving are the two most important traits a potential employee can have.

If you need one reason to keep science in your child’s life, here it is: exploring is always more memorable than plain old memorizing.

Kids needs science, IRL. They need to feel, guess, experiment, explore.

From art to math, science is all around us. Many of us remember our grade school days, filled with endless repetitions and memorizations. The human body, the elements, the laws of physics.

Boring. Especially if you’re a creative type.

But do you remember the teachers that excited you in school? The ones that kept you guessing, let you experiment, and questioned everything? The teachers that made you feel something in school (other than hormones and anxiety) are the ones that valued the science and discovery.

If the words biology, chemistry, and physics send you running for the door, check out this infographic on 8 reasons why kids need science. It explains why getting children more involved in science is extremely beneficial, such as learning critical thinking and developing resilience – skills that will serve children well for their entire lives.

It’s more than chemical equations.


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