Resources For Healthier Drinking Habits

Here you'll find LAP's ever-growing collection of recommended reading and products designed to help you make mindful decisions around alcohol.

Even if you don't plan to quit drinking alcohol, the resources below offer lots of important information about how alcohol affects the body and mind, as well as strategies to reduce or eliminate alcohol from your life. 

  • Arm Yourself With Information
  • Get Clear About How Alcohol Works
  • Mindfully Watch How You Drink
  • Share What You Learn With Your Tween
Our goal here at LAP isn't to get you to quit drinking, though life is pretty awesome when you quit. Everything you'll find on this site is designed to help you parent yourself and your tween in the most mindful way possible. 

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Recommended Reading For Adults

Some of this content may be too mature for tweens and teens, but they're perfect for parents. You'll gather lots of good advice, insights, and resources from any one of these books! 

This Naked Mind 

Written by Annie Grace, this book covers all the sneaky tactics deployed to get us to drink more, not less.

Best for: Strategy

Quit Like A Woman

Holly shares her fierce struggle with drinking and lots of tools and tactics to live a healthier, happier, more balanced life. 

Best For: Support

We Are The Luckiest

"The Surprising Magic of a Sober Life" This mom pretty much says it all. Read it even if you're not planning to quit alcohol. 

Best For: Inspiration