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Are you looking for the smallest booster car seat on the market?

Look no further. You need the smallest booster car seat, for travel or occasional use.

We found one. 

Here’s how the booster seat situation unfolded in our home:

There’s a big trip coming up, and you know you’re going to need a car seat. Maybe you’re still using a convertible car seat, or already into a bulky booster seat. Or perhaps you need a spare seat for emergencies and last minute activities.

Whatever your deal, you know the car seat you have is not going to work.

The idea of lugging a big car seat around, or pushing it into grandparents’ car or taxis, exhausts you. But you’re worried (rightfully so!) about skipping the car seat, which is what brought you to this page.

Bottomline, you want to make sure your child is safe. You know that even though you could get away without a booster seat, you should have one.

There’s plenty of solutions out there. A quick search on Amazon reveals dozens of booster seats to choose from on the market.

The Problem With Regular Booster Seats

Well, there is no problem with regular booster seats–when you’re home. When you have your car, the time, and your old car seat, no question strapping your kid into his or her regular seat is the best idea.

But the problem with standard booster car seats, as well as convertible car seats, is they don’t travel well. Bulky, in the way, often heavy, and wow, do they take up space! When space is at a premium, like when you’re traveling or away from your car, you need a better option.

So you hop onto Google and search for the best booster car seat for travel.

smallest booster car seat

 Holy smokes that's a lot of search results!!

So hang on a second and don’t buy the first fold up booster car seat you see.

Solution: Find The Smallest Booster Car Seat

You find something called a fold up car booster seat. Or maybe a blow up car booster seat.

And if you’re anything like me, you wonder if it's safe. I’m a car seat fanatic. A safety freak, a stay-up-all-night-to-research-car-seats freak. I know it’s not normal, but that’s me.

I was very worried about these teeny, tiny booster seats for travel. 

And here’s the thing: a compact booster seat will never have the side impact protection your regular booster, or convertible car seat has. It can’t. It doesn’t have sides.

But the smallest booster car seat is still worth buying. Why?

Because it’s safer than the alternative you’re contemplating, which is skipping the booster seat and taking your chances.

The Biggest Problem Is Balancing Safety And Comfort

I get it. Lugging another piece of kid equipment is a pain in the butt. We’re already loaded down with clothes, activities, food, and more. Who wants to stuff one more thing into a purse, backpack, or carry-on?

Not me.

But would I ever forgive myself if something happened?

No way.

The reasons I need the smallest booster car seat I could get:

  • I need a compact car booster seat for travel and occasional use that I can stuff in my purse, carry-on, and car.
  • I like having an extra booster, for those times when my niece comes over, and we forget to grab her regular booster car seat.
  • I want to keep my child safe when we travel, but also continue to go with as little stuff as possible.
  • I like knowing I can put the seat in her backpack when she visits her grandparents.

Do You Even Need A Portable, Fold Up Booster Car Seat?

If you're ever been caught without one, then you know the answer is yes!

I’ve researched and tried out different car seat and booster seat variations, looking for a combination of daily and travel items that work for our family.

When I bought the Mifold grab-and-go booster seat, I solved my problem.

Think about those times when your child wanted to go somewhere with a friend, but the idea of playing musical chairs with the car seats was tiring enough to make you flat-out refuse.

Or what about the taxi and shuttle rides for your upcoming vacation? Or when you drop the kids at someone’s house, take your car (and car seats) for errands, and the person that's nice enough to watch your kids for you is trapped in their own home with your sweet little devils?

The Mifold grab-and-go booster is designed for all these times. If you buy Mifold, you buy it for occasional use only.

The Mifold is NOT meant to replace your everyday booster car seat. Why does that matter?

It matters because a lot of Mifold grand and go booster seat reviews on Amazon talk about using the Mifold booster as a daily-use car seat.

No! This fold up booster car seat is for those times when you might be tempted to skip lugging a car seat around.

The Mifold is designed to make unsafe rides safer.

Unsafe rides mean taxi rides and rental cars primarily, but also the occasional trip with the grandparents or a carpool for school or afterschool activities.

Which Fold Up Car Booster Seat Is Right For You?

There’s plenty of options to choose from: blow up booster car seats, folding ones like the Mifold, and compact backless boosters for travel.

I don’t like the idea of my child sitting on a balloon I’ve blown up (nor do I want to blow it up each time), and I want the smallest booster car seat that’s still as safe as a regular booster.

Honestly, I should travel with her regular convertible car seat, because it’s the safest option. But it’s just not a feasible solution for our family.

And it’s the balance of safety and convenience you get when you buy Mifold that makes it my top choice.

The Mifold is:

why i buy mifold grab and good booster seat

10x smaller than the average booster seat and

  • Less than 2 pounds (1.6 to be exact)
  • Quick to open
  • Easy to install once you’ve done it a couple of time
  • Small and flat enough to fit into your purse or a backpack quickly and easily

That’s why I chose to buy Mifold. 

Bonus: I’m not lugging around giant car seats or putting my kid’s life on the line every time we’re in someone else’s car.

How Does The MiFold Booster Seat Work?

Above is a great video showing you how to install the Mifold grab-and-go booster car seat.

And here's a video showing me installing the Mifold in our SUV. It’s not a sleek marketing video, just a mom installing the fold up car booster seat as quickly and safely as possible. 

Insert Video

Here’s how the Mifold works:

  1. Unfold the Mifold
  2. Set the width by extending the sides (small, medium, large)
  3. Feed the seatbelt through the positioning slots.
  4. Adjust and attach the shoulder belt positioning slot to the car’s should belt.

What you’re doing with a Mifold is adjusting the car’s regular seat belt to your child’s size.

Be sure to refer to the Mifold's instructions and care information, which will arrive with your new travel booster seat. It's important to be safe! 

Quick stats about the Mifold:

  • Suitable for 4+ years of age
  • 40-100 lbs weight limit
  • 40”-57” height limit
  • weighs 1.6 pounds
  • Folded dimensions: 9.5”x4.5”x1.75” (tiny!)
  • Suitable for occasional uses: Travel, Carpool, Grandparents, Taxis, Car Rentals
  • Must be used with vehicle lap AND shoulder belt

Check out the Mifold FAQ page for the nitty-gritty details. 

The Downside To Buying The Smallest Booster Car Seat

It’s small. 

It’s not as comfortable as your kid’s regular car seat.

It adds another 1.6 pounds to your bag or purse. 

But it keeps your kid safe in a situation where they would be unsafe. 

And that’s the point.

Misuse Is The Concern When Buying The Smallest Booster Car Seat

Okay, so this is where customers seem to get a bit frustrated.

I was too, at first. 

I installed the Mifold grab and go booster seat, ensured a secure fit, and then took a look at my daughter. She didn’t seem very comfortable. I was a bit annoyed, as I wanted this to work. 

But here’s the thing: it's not built to be cushy and comfortable, it's built to be safe.

The Mifold does precisely what it promises to do. It adjusts the car’s seat belt down to the child. And cars aren’t made for kids; they’re built for adults. So, of course, she looked a bit awkward. She’s in a seat designed for an adult. No one can change that. 

Most customers who seemed unhappy with the Mifold were misusing it. They wanted it to be a daily car seat, not one for occasional use. And it’s not meant for that. 

But when you need a solution that takes up less space and is ready whenever and wherever you need, the Mifold is the best travel car booster seat I’ve come across. 

I'm Sold, Where Do I Get One?

You can buy the Mifold on Amazon through this link or below. 

If you have Amazon Prime, it will arrive in two days or so. (Don't have Amazon Prime? Why not?! Check out the benefits of Amazon Prime.)

You will like knowing your child is safe, compared to the alternative. 

The Mifold is super affordable, and its compact fold up design and ease of use makes it worthwhile. Looking at the reviews, I saw quite a few unhappy customers, but when reading what they had to say, I noticed a lot of people are trying to use it too often, or for extended road trips when a traditional booster or car seat would be the smarter choice. 

It’s worth a try. It’s affordable and the best smallest booster car seat we’ve found. 

The best prices I’ve found for the Mifold Grab-and-Go booster car seat are on Amazon.com. Be sure to let me know if you find a better price in the comments! Thanks.

I was not compensated in any way for this review, by the way. All opinions are my own.