Kids Headband Headphones: Kids Cozyphones [A Review + Tips]

I won’t lie. Cozyphones had me at hello.

They have unicorns. On kids headband headphones. That my daughter gets to wear–while I am freed from the nattering of her preschool shows. Some things can’t get much better–and Cozyphones is one of those things.

Chances are, you saw the unicorn, fox, or frog and had to learn more. Really, you’re here to see if Cozyphones for Kids actually work. I wanted to know, too!

So, when Cozyphones reached out to me and offered to send me a pair of children’s headband headphones in exchange for an unbiased review, I was in.

[We might have Lies in our name, but we’re all about honesty. Thoughts and opinions about this product are our own and in no way influenced by Cozyphones or affiliates. Please read our Affiliate Disclaimer for the nitty gritty.]

But I had one caveat:

I wanted an adult pair to review, too! Read the adult headband headphones review here.

The Story Behind Kids’ Cozyphones

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The story behind adult headband headphones is pretty simple. People wanted headphones they could sleep in/on/with. That meant the headphone needed to lay flat and stay in place. Headband headphone companies like Cozyphones paid attention and brought the product to life.

So how did the kids’ headband headphones come along?

During a photo shoot for the adult Cozyphones, the photographer snapped some pictures of her daughter wearing her adult-sized Cozyphones as she waited for her mother to finish work. The girl enjoyed wearing them and hooked them up to her iPad–and the idea for Kids’ Cozyphones was born.

Cozyphones went a step further and asked the founder’s daughter, Emily, to design a pair of headband headphones for kids. And she did just that.

Headband headphones for kids took on a new (and much cuter) meaning.

Order and Delivery

Cozyphones headband headphones shipping package
Cozyphones headband headphones shipping was fast and easy to open.

But back to my experience. The same day I agreed to review the headphones, I received a shipping confirmation. Shipping was quick and painless, with the Cozyphones arriving USPS First Class Mail. It’s 3-5 day shipping, typically, but ours were at our door in under 72 hours.

Shipping Note: At the time of this review, Cozyphones can be ordered on with 2-day Prime shipping.

Who Are Kids’ Cozyphones For?


Specifically, younger kids. My daughter is 4.5, with a head the size of a 6-year old, and the child-size headband headphones are snug, but not too tight.

She’ll fit into them nicely for another two years of so, I think.

Designed to be soft and pliable, they lie almost completely flat against your head when you put them on.

An Important Message About Safety

Children and cords are not to be mixed without proper adult supervision! Safety precautions should be taken with headband headphones and Kids Cozyphones, as you would with any length of cord. I know you’re a safe parent, but please, make sure your kids don’t sleep with the cord. Please and thank thank.


Kids Headband Headphones Cozyphones

If you’re made it this far, you’re likely familiar with what Cozyphones have to offer. The website states that they’re “Super Comfortable and Soft Fleece Headbands”.

Key features of the Cozyphones headband headphones are:

  • Suitable for home, school, and travel
  • Ideal for shared living situations (families, dorms, shared work and workout spaces)
  • Flat design stops ear pain
  • No-bulk headphones
  • Light-blocking pull-down feature converts headband into a sleep mask
  • 3-feet of braided cord ensures enough strength and length for everyday use
  • 3.5mm stereo plug fits pretty much all of your favorite devices


The biggest benefit we found to the Cozyphones headband headphone is the flat fit it provides. No matter how your child likes to lounge, learn, or travel,  the snug, and flat, fit are an ideal headphone alternative.

Other benefits include:

  • lightweight
  • soft, fleece fabric
  • easy to clean
  • long, sturdy cord
  • flat earbuds (no poking!)
  • easy-off
  • various options for size and material (kids, adult, adult lycra or fleece material, travel set)

I could also see the soft fleece headband design being beneficial to children with sensory processing disorders. The snug fit and soft material seem like a good match.

But again, the biggest benefit is the lay-flat design.

How Do Cozyphones Work?

Cozyphones are very simple to use. When the headband arrived, we had to adjust the earbud location within the band to ensure better sound quality when using them.

Cozyphones instructions were clear and simple:

Cozyphones Headband Headphones cable
Here’s where the flat earbuds thread through the fleece headband (inside middle back of headband). Very easy to adjust!
  1. Put the headband on.
  2. With a small piece of tape (masking or painting tape is recommended), mark the spots where the two earbuds need to be placed so they are in the middle of your ears.
  3. Remove headband.
  4. Wiggle/maneuver the earbuds into place on either side.
  5. Put on, plug in, and enjoy!

Maneuvering the earbuds into place inside the headband was easy to do; it only took a minute or so to arrange the first time. You just grab them through the headband and wiggle them forward.

Note that the further in you place the earbuds, the less cord you have… but we’re talking a few inches, which did not affect our listening or comfort at all.

My daughter had no problem getting them on and off after practicing a couple of times. It’s a snug fit for her, but she has a huge noggin. Still, there were no complaints of tightness. Also, I watched for signs of tension or tightness (head rubbing, pulling, etc) and never saw any.

It’s a good, secure fit. The cable cord comes out from the middle back of the headband, and my daughter just tucked it behind her while using them in the car. Piece of cake.


Not expensive.

At the time of this review, kids character fleece Cozyphones were listed for sale on their website for under $20. Checking similar headband headphones on found very similar pricing.

It’s worth mentioning I was very impressed with how quickly they shipped and the follow-up Cozyphones offered. I like knowing there are real people behind a company, and not just a manufacturer churning a product out.

The owners of the company seem compassionate and interested in making the best it can be, which I appreciate.

Pros and ConsKids Headband headphones cozyphones

Pros of the Cozyphones Headband Headphones


We tested the adult-sized fleece model and found the fleece to be super soft. The lie-flat design was exactly what we hoped to receive.

Flat Design

The flat design of the headband was expected and appreciated. It does not have any padding inside of it, but we didn’t think it needed any. There’s a slit in the inside back of the headband that allows you to take the earphones in and out.

A bonus was the flat design of the actual earphone inside the headband. Lying on our sides, we appreciated the lack of pain and poking that we experience with traditional earbuds and headphones.


Cozyphones take very little time to set up. Maneuver the earbuds into place, put on the headband, plug in, and go. Pretty simple. The instructions were clear and to the point.

My daughter was our tester, of course, and had no problem taking them on and off, once she had successfully completed the action a couple of times. It’s a snug fit, so getting her to pull hard enough at first was the only issue we had.

Once she got them on, she was good to go (and didn’t need my help anymore).


Okay, sound. The first or second most important thing, depending on your POV. I hope you’re not buying fleece headband headphones expecting Bose sound quality because you’ll be disappointed. However, if you go in with the right expectations, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

I was very worried the sound would be muffled by the fleece. And honestly? The sound is a bit muffled–but I mean the teensiest, tiniest bit. No one in our family had a problem once we turned the volume up an extra notch (which makes sense if you’re going through two layers of fabric, right?).

At first, I checked a few times to see how loud my daughter was turning up the volume when I turned away. It wasn’t much; maybe 1-2 upward clicks.

All in all, the sound was exactly what I expected. Yes, she had to turn the volume up a bit, but not so much that I worried about her hearing.

For the price and the quality, Cozyphones exceeded our expectations. We recommend them for casual television viewing, app play, and listening…which is exactly what they were designed for.


Having only had them a few weeks, I can’t attest to the long term durability. So far, they’ve been great. My concern about durability is that, over time, stretching the fleece headband repeatedly on and off will deteriorate the seams.

That said, I don’t worry about the headband stretching out or becoming loose.

But the seams appear well-constructed (I sew a lot), and I think they’ll hold up for a few years with no problem. By then you’d probably want a new pair anyway.

The cord is braided cable, which is great, as it is much more durable than coated cable. It should not kink or break unless you’re really, really rough with it (if you are, I fear for your tablet or smartphone).


Now for the drawbacks. There aren’t many, and overall we were pleased with this product. We will definitely be purchasing as birthday gifts in the near future!


As discussed in the Pros section, the sound was a tad muffled at first. When the volume was increased a bit the issue pretty much disappeared. Are Cozyphones superior listening devices? No. Are they great for the casual listener? Absolutely.

Getting Them On

We found was that it’s a bit tough for kids to get them on at first, if they’re on the higher end of the growth scale. That said, they were not tight – but they were definitely snug.

We would love to see a size selection in future versions. Just two sizes should do it: Small/Medium and Large/Extra Large.

But for now, we’re happy with what Cozyphones has to offer and recommend them to anyone with a mostly normal-sized head. 🙂


So my daughter is always hot. She kicks the covers off, never wants to wear a coat, and runs from mittens and hats.

But, she had no problem putting a unicorn fleece headband on her head and settling down to watch a show.

Bless those unicorns. 🙂

I wouldn’t let her wear them in 100+ degree weather (which we get pretty often in the south), but in normal temperatures ranges there’s no issue with warmth.

Wrapping It Up

So, are Kids Cozyphones worth it?

Definitely, if you’re looking for a casual listening device that will let your child snuggle up, roll over, stay warm, move around, lie flat, lay back, or any combination thereof.

Realistic expectations are the key to enjoying these Cozyphones. The sound is good, but don’t expect super-star great.

But the comfort and durability make the purchase worth it.

Now figure out which creature matches your child’s personality best!