Anti Racists Actions

From Now On We Are Taking Active ANTI-Racist Actions

Hey, Ashley here, founder and the editor responsible for the content LAP publishes. 

If your email inbox looks like mine, you have what feels like a gazillion emails from brands, blogs, companies, and influencers about the Black Lives Matters movement. 

It’s about damn time. 

You likely found a while back because you were looking for answers to hard parenting or mental health questions. We’ve never shied away from discussing topics that make people uncomfortable, and we’re certainly not going to start now. 

But we also need to do more

What ANTI-Racist Actions Are

No, this is not enough, but I want to share my anti-racist actions, not just thoughts. In the past week, here are just (the baby beginning) steps I’ve taken to address the change that needs to happen in the USA:

Recent Actions

  • Donated to bail funds through ActBlue
  • Donated to Jaime Harrison’s campaign fund
  • Dove back into educating myself about being an ally
  • Shut up and listened to BIPOC voices
  • Protested demanding justice for George Floyd
  • Displaying physical signs of solidarity
  • Began updating the website to reflect better all cultures (bear with me; this will take a while!)
  • But the one thing I’m doing that’s feels like it’s making real difference? 

    I’m having hard, often-loud, emotional conversations with family and friends about systemic and ingrained racism, social injustice, and white privilege. These talks are LONG overdue. I’m not staying silent or moving on to a more comfortable subject. 

    No, it doesn’t make Sunday family dinner super fun. But my child doesn’t have to worry about being killed by a cop or systemically punished by the government that is supposed to protect her. 

    So yeah, uncomfortable family talks continue. 

    The Good News

    The good news is I see friends and family members shifting to a higher stage of awareness. Friends are changing their social media commentary from racist to admitting how much they don’t understand. I hear people starting conversations.

    People around me are turning in a new direction. It’s a start. But more anti-racist actions are needed. We’re in this to change the world – for good.

    What Can I Do As A White Woman?

    As a white woman, this is where I can – I think – best help dismantle a system designed to punish and fail anyone that doesn’t look like me.

    Because here’s the thing: Most of the white people I know don’t think they’re racist. They acknowledge injustice exists but feel like nothing is going to change in our lifetime. They’re wrong. 

    And THAT’S where I am investing my time and energies going forward. 

    I encourage you to join me. Stand up to Uncle Fred’s racist comment, call your friend out on her “they don’t need to destroy property” comments, and don’t let Mom or Dad use the “everyone has the same opportunity” line.

    Donate to funds helping fight racism, support a BIPOC business, and SPEAK UP.

    From here on out, you have two choices.

    You can be actively ANTI-racist.

    Or you can be racist. 

    I’m working to make myself and actively ANTI-racist. As Rachel Rodgers puts it, if you’re fighting against racism isn’t making you uncomfortable, you’re not trying hard enough

    We Need To Try Harder. Do More. And Not Stop.

    We can do this. Start a conversation today. 

    Our Next Actions:

    Our next action steps, in addition to continuing donating and amplifying BIPOC voices, is an email series that will guide you through contacting local officials and demanding change. Because change at the local level is key to fixing gross inequalities and systemic racism in the USA. 

    Have a better idea? Drop it in the comments. I’m listening. 

    Stay open. And stay silent no more.

    In solidarity and action,

    Ashley Trexler founder and editor-in-chief

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