Medellin, Colombia: The Guide to Travel With Kids

“ Medellin, Colombia is the friendliest, cleanest South American city I've ever visited. ” -Ashley T.
Medellin Colombia travel with kids
  • Where to stay: Choosing the best barrio (neighborhood) is critical to making the most of your Medellin, Colombia travel
  • What to do: Medellin, Colombia travel is not just about nightlife. We have specifics about daytime activities outside the typical tourist destinations.
  • When to go: Medellin may be known as the City of Eternal Spring, but El Nino has thrown the Medellin climate a change.

In this book you will discover:

The Ultimate Medellin Travel Toolkit

How to choose where to stay in Medellin if you're not nightlife-focused, specific details for arrival, transportation, and a toolkit of itineraries and kid-friendly places and activities that adults enjoy, too.

Resources and Links to Updated Info

So much online information about Medellin is outdated (even if it was published last year!). This book provides you with links to verified, updated Medellin, Colombia websites, chat groups, and articles. 

Itineraries, Maps, and Sights

Did you know that if you show up to a playground at 3:30pm in the afternoon it will be empty? Details about where and what to do during the day and early evenings in Medellin, Colombia. 

Practical Guide to Medellin Safety

General and Medellin-specific safety advice for travel with kids. We had a great, safe stay and want you to, too!

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