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How To Reverse Rape Culture In Our Daughters

How to Reverse Rape Culture In Our Daughters- Raising Girls

Think Rape Culture Doesn’t Exist? Think Again Numerous polls show that most Americans believe the assault and rape charges against the American President Donald J. Trump were right but voted him in anyway. That’s rape culture. The Washington Post-Kaiser Poll (2015) found that 20% of young women who attended college during the past four years […]

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5 Ways To Bond Beyond the Dinner Table (And End Family Dinner Guilt)

Do you have trouble getting a family dinner onto the table every night?You’re not alone.Last night each of my three daughters’ enjoyed a home cooked meal of spaghetti and meatballs with a side of cantaloupe. While they ate, I helped with their homework, signed papers and found out my twins need a plain sheet, towel […]

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Can We Save Our Kids from Depression with a (free) 2-Minute Test?

Avoiding Depression in our Youth | Lies About Parenting

You know the feeling. The one where nobody “gets” you?And the scarier, darker feeling…the one that makes you think things you shouldn’t. The feeling where you start wondering if this whole thing is pointless…Maybe you tried talking to someone.  A friend, or a therapist, tries  to relate by offering up a similar story, or diagnosing […]

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