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Welcome to the How We Do It Section of Lies About Parenting! Here you'll find reader contributions, insights, and resources.  Parenting stories from families who are doing things differently – and making it work. From the family that moved onto a boat to help their daughter's autism to the realization of why your child behaves better for the babysitter than for you, there's something for every inquisitive parent here. Enjoy!

How to Organize Toys and Stop Clean Up Battles
How to organize toys is a topic that sounds basic. Buy some storage stuff and fill it up. You find[...]
Talking To Children About Death Without Religion
“A coffin? Like, what vampires live in?” My six-year-old asks, as he watches his father and five other pall bearers[...]
“Bad” Mom? Sure, I’ll Take It.
I haven't always been a bad mom. There was a time when my toddler's perpetual lack of pants and propensity[...]
I’m a Lazy Mom, and I’m Not Apologizing
Hi, my name is #ParentingFail. Nice to meet you. By today’s impossible standards of how to be a good parent,[...]
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