Lazy Parenting Isn’t What You Think

I'm a lazy mom, and I'm not apologizing

By today's standards, I'm a #ParentingFail. And I'm okay with that. 

It gets old, doesn't it? All the different parenting styles, and the endless fire of the mommy wars...

Well, we're calling quits on all these zoo-type parenting styles. It's time to get back to basics, and figure out what really works. Our parents were on to something when they told us to get outside and just play. Lazy Parenting is about taking a step back, and a deep breath, and letting your kids be kids. It's about enforcing some rules, all the time, and allowing freedom within those boundaries. 

Lazy Parenting is gonna be a thing. Just ask the 100k+ Scary Mommy readers who felt they had to share on FB! I was overwhelmed by the positive response to this parenting "style" we've been practicing. 

Don't miss it. I'm over at Scary Mommy, talking about why I'm a Lazy Mom (and why I'm not sorry about it).


Ashley Trexler is a passionate parent, dedicated to debunking popular parenting advice that doesn’t work, and raising healthier, happier kids. If you're sick of the same trite parenting advice everyone is spouting, you've come to the right place. She has contributed to Washington Post, Scary Mommy, and Tiny Buddha, in addition to many more awesome-sauce sites.

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