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5 Ways to Teach Your Child How to Think, Not What to Think

5 ways to teach your child how to think not what to think

How to Let Your Child Think For Themselves “Mommy, why are there pictures of babies floating in water on those signs? Why are all those people yelling outside that building and throwing rocks?”“What signs? Oh, those signs? Well, um – that’s a truckload of people hanging outside Planned Parenthood and protesting women who want health […]

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6 Tips to Raise Kids Who Make Good Judgement Calls

Fostering Critical Thinkings Skills in Kids |

Laid-back Ways to Avoid Raising Lemmings Is it too much to ask that your kid thinks things through?Look before you leap and all.People don’t always make smart choices.Especially kids. What’s the secret to teaching kids to make good judgement calls?You don’t want your kid to be a lemming. You want them to think for themselves […]

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