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5 Ways to Talk: Kids, Current Events, and Hatred

5 Ways to talk to your kids about current events hatred

Talking to kids about current events and hatred is tough. Things are blowing up.  People are getting shot.  Protesters at presidential rallies are roughing people up.  Then the terrorists. Your kids have ears, eyes, friends at school and social media. They watch and listen… to you. Once upon a time, racism was acceptable, but no matter […]

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Is Santa Real? The Best Answer to Questions That Make You Cry (or Scream)

You’ll never hear a parent say, “Our Billy is such a follower! He never second guesses anything someone tells him to do!”You want your child to think for themselves.But leadership is not a quality we all need to have.A quality worth cultivating is the ability to ask, “Why?”But “why” can make us cry. Toddlers repetitive questions, […]

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7 Ways to Avoid Gift-Giving Overload This Year

Avoid gift-Giving Regret |

You buy things.Lots of things. Groceries, clothes, school supplies, toys, and more.Things you want, things you need, things you didn’t need but bought anyway.It’s how most of us live. It’s what we do.Cue holiday shopping. ’Tis the season for retailers to prey on your want-to-buy-things consumer soul. Maxed out credit cards. 10 mile long lines at […]

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5 Ways To Bond Beyond the Dinner Table (And End Family Dinner Guilt)

Do you have trouble getting a family dinner onto the table every night?You’re not alone.Last night each of my three daughters’ enjoyed a home cooked meal of spaghetti and meatballs with a side of cantaloupe. While they ate, I helped with their homework, signed papers and found out my twins need a plain sheet, towel […]

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