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Dear Parent, This Teacher Has 8 Secrets to Share With You

Teaching is hard. Fulfilling and life changing yes, but also hard. Taking care of that many kids for 40 hours every week with the requirement of them actually learning things in that time….that can be a tall order. Add in the politics of it all, mandatory testing, continuing education requirements, packed classrooms, long days and […]

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5 Ways to Talk: Kids, Current Events, and Hatred

5 Ways to talk to your kids about current events hatred

Talking to kids about current events and hatred is tough. Things are blowing up.  People are getting shot.  Protesters at presidential rallies are roughing people up.  Then the terrorists. Your kids have ears, eyes, friends at school and social media. They watch and listen… to you. Once upon a time, racism was acceptable, but no matter […]

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5 Ways To Bond Beyond the Dinner Table (And End Family Dinner Guilt)

Do you have trouble getting a family dinner onto the table every night?You’re not alone.Last night each of my three daughters’ enjoyed a home cooked meal of spaghetti and meatballs with a side of cantaloupe. While they ate, I helped with their homework, signed papers and found out my twins need a plain sheet, towel […]

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6 Tips to Raise Kids Who Make Good Judgement Calls

Fostering Critical Thinkings Skills in Kids |

Laid-back Ways to Avoid Raising Lemmings Is it too much to ask that your kid thinks things through?Look before you leap and all.People don’t always make smart choices.Especially kids. What’s the secret to teaching kids to make good judgement calls?You don’t want your kid to be a lemming. You want them to think for themselves […]

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