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Real-life examples of raising kids and building healthy, happy homes.


This checklist makes sure you edit, edit, edit and that your post really shines! PostChecklist   This example spreadsheet shows you how to search for a website’s most popular posts using and their free search engine. You only need the first few results. Or, Google the ‘website name + most popular’ and you’ll often […]

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8 Things A Pediatrician Wants You To Know

pediatrician and pediatric care

What does your pediatrician really think of you?For over a decade, I’ve been the one sitting on that spinny stool, talking to parents about every pediatric issue under the sun. And between the advice, reassurance, and tough questions, I came up with a few things I wish all my patients’ parents could know.1.) I realize […]

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How to Teach Respect to Kids In Any Life Situation

How to Teach Respect To Kids In Any Life Situation

Especially when you’re battling for your life.  I’m talking about the dreaded D-word. Divorce. After my wife and I started divorce proceedings, my son was a wreck. We tried to save our marriage, but no amount of talking it out or counseling provided a solution. My son and I both had to learn how to […]

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A Lazy Parent’s Guide To Great Family Trips

Family Trips Laid Back Parenting

Most advice for organizing family trips suggests that all you need is a flawless plan. Oh…and  a minute-by-minute risk assessment as well.”Civilized” parents plan. A lot. They schedule jokes and wow moments into their daily schedule.Lazy parents know better.They know family trips are build character. Here are 3 “truths” lazy parents know, with research to back them up.1. You […]

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My Christmas Miracle: Why I Stopped Hating Our Elf-On-The-Shelf

How the elf on the shelf won me over

A Christmas miracle occurred right inside the confines of my own grinchy self.(Ok, that’s dramatic. I’m not at all grinchy but I have nursed a long and resentful grudge against the Elf-On-The-Shelf.) I’ve hated it with a fierce eye-rolling passion.Somehow, this year, that little bastard won me over. Allow me to tell you why.There was […]

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Me-Time? What’s That? Try This Calendar to Get Your Share.

I have a love-hate relationship with the whiteboard calendar on my fridge.The calendar looks harmless. It’s even kind of attractive at times. Colorful dry-erase marks decorate almost every square.Each color represents the most important things in the world to me.Herein lies the complicated matrix we refer to as The Family Calendar.Blue is for my husband. […]

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