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5 Ways to Talk: Kids, Current Events, and Hatred

5 Ways to talk to your kids about current events hatred

Talking to kids about current events and hatred is tough. Things are blowing up.  People are getting shot.  Protesters at presidential rallies are roughing people up.  Then the terrorists. Your kids have ears, eyes, friends at school and social media. They watch and listen… to you. Once upon a time, racism was acceptable, but no matter […]

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Lazy Parenting Works For Me. (

Dinner Party

We do too much, these days. As parents, we’re expected to be “on” all the time…and it’s exhausting. Well, this mom said enough. I’ve developed my own parenting philosophy, and it’s rooted in what’s best for our kids, not what we wish was best. Read about my journey towards embracing a lifestyle of dedicated “Lazy Parenting,” […]

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Craving a Haircut? Read This First. (

Girl Cutting Hair

Might be time to rethink the haircut…That’s it. You’re sick and tired of your hair. It’s time to chop it off. Wait!!! Read this first. I’m over at Money Saving Mom, and you’ll want to know What Your Craving For Change Might Really Mean. ​ Read on’t Forget…If you haven’t joined the community yet, now’s […]

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Is It Okay To Drink Alcohol and Breastfeed? (

Family by Lake

Alcohol, Babies, and Boobs – Oh My! You’ve seen it in the news. Moms kicked out of restaurant for allegedly being intoxicated and breastfeeding. Here’s what the media forgot to mention: Breastfeeding mothers, who consume alcohol, have children scoring higher on the developmental scale, not lower. ​Now, no one is saying it’s okay to get wasted […]

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