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8 Things A Pediatrician Wants You To Know

pediatrician and pediatric care

What does your pediatrician really think of you?For over a decade, I’ve been the one sitting on that spinny stool, talking to parents about every pediatric issue under the sun. And between the advice, reassurance, and tough questions, I came up with a few things I wish all my patients’ parents could know.1.) I realize […]

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Can We Save Our Kids from Depression with a (free) 2-Minute Test?

Avoiding Depression in our Youth | Lies About Parenting

You know the feeling. The one where nobody “gets” you?And the scarier, darker feeling…the one that makes you think things you shouldn’t. The feeling where you start wondering if this whole thing is pointless…Maybe you tried talking to someone.  A friend, or a therapist, tries  to relate by offering up a similar story, or diagnosing […]

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Craving a Haircut? Read This First. (

Girl Cutting Hair

Might be time to rethink the haircut…That’s it. You’re sick and tired of your hair. It’s time to chop it off. Wait!!! Read this first. I’m over at Money Saving Mom, and you’ll want to know What Your Craving For Change Might Really Mean. ​ Read on’t Forget…If you haven’t joined the community yet, now’s […]

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