Best Amazon Umbrella Stroller Guide

Looking for an Amazon umbrella stroller?

You must need fast shipping and a quality stroller! 😉

Let us help you sort through the Amazon results. 

(Don’t have Amazon Prime yet? Oh my, you have to try! Try it free for 30 days, and check out the included 2-day shipping and instant videos. We can’t live without it, and Prime shipping saves us so many trips to the big box stores that we’d rather avoid.)

But back to the Amazon umbrella stroller help.

After reading hundreds of reviews of different umbrella strollers on Amazon, I collected everything I learned and created this guide to finding the best umbrella stroller on Amazon.

Hopefully, it will help you save some time and money.  

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Where To Shop?

Is most of your shopping done online these days? Mine is, too. But the site I frequent the most has to be Amazon because I love using my Prime subscription.

Amazon Prime offers so many features like the quick ship, excellent customer service, vast selection, and one-click checkout process, compared to trekking to a store or taking a chance on lesser known websites. 

I believe in shopping local whenever possible, but if I can avoid a trip to a big-box retailer, I will! 

Which brings me back to what you’re looking for: the best Amazon umbrella stroller.

A quick search on Amazon shows over 800 umbrella stroller options. That’s a lot! 

Amazon umbrella stroller search results​​​So, let’s narrow it down to only the best Amazon umbrella stroller. 

Here's The Deal

No stroller is perfect. I’ve tried countless ones, from British prams to ultra-lightweight umbrella strollers, and there is not a one-size-fits-all solution. (Check out our favorite travel strollers here.)

In a perfect world, I could tell you buy this ____ stroller. But I can’t because everyone is different and your needs might not be the same as my needs.

Personally, my favorite is the City Mini Elite, by Baby Jogger, but it’s on the pricey side (keep reading for more affordable options). It was worth the investment for our family, as I wanted a single stroller that could go anywhere with us.

And our City Mini Elite GT can go anywhere. 

It has a one-handed fold that allows you to hold your child in one arm and fold it up for a subway or car ride on the other hand. It’s roomy, fully reclines for naps, and is rugged enough for nature walks. I’ve found I can close it up with a diaper bag in the storage basket with no problem.

All that said, it’s still more than most people want to spend.

What I can tell you is this: There are four umbrella strollers on Amazon that I recommend. 

I hope this Amazon umbrella stroller guide helps you find what you find the best umbrella stroller for your needs!

3 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Buying An Umbrella Stroller

  1. When will I use the umbrella stroller: travel only, occasional use, or every day?
  2. Is my child older than six months?
  3. Do I want the best value or the best brand I can afford?

When Will I Use The Stroller Most?

If how small the stroller folds is most important to you, you’ll want to focus on travel umbrella strollers like the GP Pockit. Expect to sacrifice some features, like full-recline and large sun canopies, to get the most compact umbrella stroller. 

Consider when you’ll be using the stroller. For everyday and occasional use, where your hands will be full of bags and kids, you’ll want:

  1. One-handed fold
  2. Lightweight frame
  3. Reclining seat and sun/rain canopy

For the majority of people, the Summer Infant 3D Lite Convenience Stroller is their top choice. It’s a #1 bestseller on Amazon and my friends who own one love it.

An alternative is the Joovy New Groove. (Go check the price, right now! If it's still on sale, this is the one to buy.)

How Old Is My Child?

Most umbrella strollers are not designed for young infants because the design of an umbrella stroller does not allow for neck support. Typically, the umbrella strollers I find on Amazon have a minimum age requirement of 6 months. Be sure to check if your child is very young.

One exception is the Summer Infant 3D Flip Stroller. It is designed for younger children and offers the option to flip the seat around to face you, as you’re pushing the stroller.

Check out the 3D Flip on Amazon if you have a young infant and need an umbrella stroller.

Do I Want Better Value or Luxury Brand Name?

If the value is your primary concern, stick with the Joovy New Groove at the sale price, or the Summer Infant 3D Lite.

If the brand name and luxury matters more, the UPPA Baby G-Luxe or G-Lite will satisfy all your umbrella stroller needs.

On a tight budget? The Kolcraft Cloud Plus has plenty of excellent reviews, though it’s probably not as sturdy as the Summer 3D Lite. If you can, find the extra money for the Summer 3D Lite stroller. You won’t regret it.

6 Things To Look For In An Amazon Umbrella Stroller

  1. Strong stroller frame
  2. Lightweight
  3. Quick fold (one-hand)
  4. 5-point child restraint
  5. Reclining seat
  6. Storage

Amazon Pro Tip

Don’t just read the first product reviews that pop up. Click on the less than 5-star reviews to gather more intel and understand what regular people are saying about the Amazon umbrella stroller.

Focus on frame strength and ease of use.

And remember, the best and worst reviews are the most emotional. The 4-star and 2-star reviews are often less biased, in my experience, and much more balanced. 

Amazon umbrella stroller shopping tip

Umbrella Stroller Pros and Cons

The Pros

Umbrella strollers are light and comfortable to push around on smooth, urban streets and quiet suburbs alike. They have the conventional four wheels, giving you a solid base.

They’re great because they’re lightweight. The upright model will take up a small amount of space in front of you, making it easy to dodge past the hoards of people undoubtedly heading your way. They’re excellent in the city; when you’ve got smooth but narrow city streets, they’ll glide as if on ice. The thin frame won’t bother anyone in the crowded subways and bus terminals. And small shops won’t even notice as you swing between shopping aisles to pick up a few groceries with the stroller in tow.

Amazon umbrella stroller guide to buying
Folding Is Key

They usually fold up pretty quickly when you need to prop it up for a moment. Umbrella strollers stand up on their own with ease, like a walking stick in the corner. The no-tip factor means you can leave them aside for a bit when junior needs a moment in mama’s arms and makes them ideal for the airport.

Umbrella strollers make for a compact little item when you fold them up at check-in; nobody wants to shuttle a large piece of excessive luggage through the airport. Umbrella strollers will make a lightweight extra a complete necessity if you’re traveling lots with tots.

When you’ve got plenty of standing around time, such as at the airport or bus terminal, it’s nice to be able just to fold it up and leave it aside until it’s needed again. Other passengers tend to hate when a stroller is taking up precious standing space. So with a lightweight umbrella stroller, you’ll avoid all those judgmental glances across the check-in aisle.

The Cons

The downside to umbrella strollers is that they can sometimes be harder to maneuver because they have four wheels; we all struggle with parallel parking with four wheels.

Well, it’s just as tricky with a stroller. Moreover, when you’ve got cobblestones, pavements, or even the beach, you’re talking a lot of wheel on some undesirable surfaces. Climbing curbs and small sets of stairs is tough to accomplish single-handedly.

Umbrella strollers can easily flip if you’re pushing them with enough force (which comes from the stress of being in a rush). Flipping a stroller in public is a hideous experience. Take it from me.

Umbrella strollers are single-use, meant for smooth pavement and store floors. If you’re living rurally or often venture off the beaten path, you’ll struggle with the more robust terrain.

Folding Concerns

Another con is that they often require you to remove everything before folding it up. Many strollers have delightful little baskets to carry your shopping or juniors toys. Unfortunately, umbrella strollers often need you to remove this junk before you fold it up, which essentially renders them useless in many circumstances because you’ll have to move them to another holder in the interim.

Lastly, umbrella strollers don’t have great suspension. The suspension system is basically how smooth of a ride you can get - the softer the ride, the longer the nap!

Some strollers come with a nice bit of suspension, like the UPPA Baby G-Luxe, but it comes at a premium price.

Bottom line is the best umbrella stroller is the one that works for your lifestyle and travel plans.

Our Favorite Amazon Umbrella Strollers

Winner (Best All Around): Summer Infant 3D Lite


  • Good suspension
  • Strong frame
  • Lots of storage

Weighing in at about 13 pounds, the Summer Infant 3D Lite Convenience Stroller is a #1 Amazon bestseller for a great reason! It’s a durable, time-tested umbrella stroller, with an aluminum frame and four reclining positions. 

Maybe most importantly, the anti-shock wheels make for a smooth and comfortable ride, which is perfect for naps. An adjustable and removable canopy will shield them from excessive sunlight and rain alike, with a little window so you can see inside. An extra large storage basket gives you some space to store both you and your child’s things when you’re on the move.

It has been updated to have a simple, compact folding system and a carry strap to transport it when your child isn’t riding. An auto-lock system ensures you won’t have an awkwardly unfolding stroller on your hands as you rush through the airport.

Customers love the durability of this stroller. The aluminum frame ensures it’s one that will stand the test of time.

The Summer Infant 3D Lite is a value-priced stroller for getting about quickly and conveniently. Get it on Amazon here

Wait, We Found A Sale!

If you like the Summer Infant, be sure to check out the Joovy New Groove Ultralight Umbrella Stroller in Black. It was on a mega-sale at the time of writing this article and makes an affordable brand name alternative to the 3D Lite.

Best For Your Wallet: Kolcraft Cloud Plus

Budget-minded pros love this brand!

If your budget is very tight, this is the best umbrella stroller for your money. Otherwise, we recommend stepping up to the Summer 3D Lite or the Joovy New Groove (at the sale price!).

Kolcraft Cloud Plus umbrella stroller offers:

  • extra-large canopy
  • multiple seat positions
  • BEST pricing
  • five-point harness
  • travel-friendly

The Kolcraft Cloud Plus is a travel-friendly stroller with a convenient three-tier extended canopy for maximum UV coverage to keep baby’s skin safe. It offers you multiple positions on the seat and a five-point harness.

Significant drawbacks are some customers say it won’t stand up when folded and the suspension is non-existent. Upsides are it's very light and not expensive. The coolest feature is the padding rolls up to let more air in on hot summer days.

It will hold a child of up to 50 pounds and has a one-hand folding system for quick and easy storage. On top of that, it will stand alone, so you can have it close at hand when waiting in terminal queues.

Users loved how the two storage areas; one for you and one for the child’s toys. You can even stow your groceries or additional bags safely beneath the child’s seat. There are also two cup holders for families on the go. The canopy is enormous, and UV protected with a little peekaboo window for your child to watch the world.

Customers loved that this was an ideal stroller for day trips and light traveling.

The compact folding design makes it easy to put away and get out quickly when on the move. The main complaint about this stroller, of which there were very few, was that it’s not very adjustable regarding the incline. Some customers suggested that it’s great until their child is old enough to sit upright. However, it does have a reclining seat, which puts any doubts about this stroller to bed, along with your child.

Best Space Saver: GB Pockit Stroller

This little guy packs a punch! Weighing in at about 9 pounds, it’s one of the lightest strollers you can buy. But the best part is how small the stroller folds. No joke, it folds up to slide right under an airplane seat.

Check out the video! Crazy cool.

While it’s a splurge, if space is at a premium this stroller will be a blessing. (Upgrade to the pro for better seat recline) 

There are two folding options to this stroller, with one being a quick fold and the other the smallest possible fold.

This stroller is for those of you that want the latest trends and small size possible. Otherwise, we recommend the Joovy New Groove or the Summer 3D Lite.

Amazon Umbrella Stroller Round-Up

Okay, so I hope that helps! There are hundreds of Amazon umbrella strollers, but only a small handful of strollers with strong reviews and good value. 

The Summer Infant 3D Lite is the best all-around value, but the Joovy New Groove (when it’s on sale) is by far our favorite of the Amazon umbrella strollers. 

Can’t swing paying for the Summer 3D Lite or Joovy New Groove, stick with the Kolcraft Cloud Plus for a blend of low cost and ease of use. 

Is space at a premium? Or you travel a ton? Then the GB Pockit folds up so small it can fit in a large handbag or under an airplane seat.

Amazon umbrella stroller guide to buying

If brand name and luxurious quality is your M.O. then turn to the UPPA Baby G-Luxe for a stylish, high-quality ride.  

Finally, if you have a very young infant, the Summer Infant Flip Stroller will allow you to turn baby around to face you as you push the stroller. 

All right, that’s it for now. Let me know in the comments which stroller you decided on!

And, as always, if you have a suggestion or insight, start a conversation by leaving a comment below.


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