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Listen to the podcast interview with Lies About Parenting founder, Ashley Trexler, about what it really takes to find work at home success.

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Ashley Trexler, Lies About Parenting founder, has contributed to Scary Mommy, Washington Post, BLUNT moms, Ravishly, Tiny Buddha, 5 Minutes for Mom, and many more awesome-sauce sites.

She's one of the proud recipients of Boost Blog Traffic's Best of Summer 2015 Post Competition. Category: Most Fearless. Read it here.  ​

Ashley is a Parenting Team contributor. Read more here

She boils down buckets of research to provide parents with solutions and techniques that incorporate your grandmother's wisdom with 21st century skills. Ashley has a knack for writing controversial content in a conversational tone.

Ashley Trexler | Huffington Post Contributor
Scary Mommy Contributor
Beyond Your Blog Hall of Fame Winner Parenting Team Contributor

Oh yeah, and she's committed, not married. In case it matters (you'd be surprised). ​More on that here

Some of her recent, viral guest post (appearing on sites other than Lies About Parenting):

  1. I'm a Lazy Mom, and I'm Not Apologizing (100k+ FB shares!)
  2. Nothing is Scarier Than An Unmarried Mom (98k+ FB shares!)
  3. How To Stay Positive (Even If You're Struggling With Depression) 

Ashley has been called "Mama Guru" by her friends. She's the one you text at 3am, when you feel like you can't go on one minute more with this whole parenting gig. And she knows a lot about what it feels like to feel down

Parenting is hard work. Let's not make it harder than it has to be.

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  • Work At Home Success Podcast Interview with Ashley Trexler - Nov 6, 2015
  • Contributor (Today Show Parenting Team)
  • 630CHED Edmonton's Breaking News and Conversation Station: Radio interview and discussion of race and rewards. Listen here (August 18, 9:05pm)
  • interview Listen here.
  • NEWSTALK 1010 radio interview (August 17, 2015) Listen here.
  • June 2015: Independent Spirited Writer's Award: Category: Most Fearless
  • April 2015 Radio interview: The Nightside on NEWSTALK 1010 (Toronto CBS affiliate)
  • March 2015 TV interview: WHHI Talk of the Town (Hilton Head Island, SC)
  • March 2015 Lead Presenter: Hilton Head Island - Bluffton Chamber of Commerce Technology Demonstration | How To Build a Better Blog and More Importantly, Do You Even Need One? (#1 Chamber of Commerce in 2014 in USA)

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-Ashley Trexler, Founder​

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