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Ready to start living your life, instead of just planning it? Join the thousands of parents who are getting out of the carpool lane and into living their best lives – one trip, project, and tip at a time.

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Carpool Lane Make You Want To Scream?

We feel ya.

LiesAboutParenting is a parent-centric learning community devoted to empowering parents to live their best lives.

Ready to stop putting everyone else's needs ahead of your own, all the time? Are you sick of second-guessing your parenting and lifestyle decisions, wondering if you're doing what's best for your family? Well, you've come to the right place. 

We're designing awesome family lifestyles through:

  • Books & Projects
  • Hands-on Learning & Travel
  • Personal Growth & Expert Advice

We're raising kind, caring little humans... by being kind, caring big humans.

Ashley Trexler, founder of liesaboutparenting.com with her daughter

Most days you can find me reading, traveling, or with my daughter (3-in-one above!) #books #kindlebooks

This isn't your typical parenting website.

This Site Is For You IF

You Are 

a parent, educator, or caregiver

You Love

learning and hand-on experiences

You Try

to create, travel, and live life to the fullest

You Value

growing as a person and as a family

It's about progress, not perfection.

Encompassing a sustainable model of personal growth and job satisfaction, LiesAboutParenting is here to help you find (and keep) your Happy Place. At our core is the belief that we must feel self-fulfilled before we can help our kids feel the same. Is every day rose-cheeked perfection? Of course not. 

What we are is a community of present parents who value personal growth and adventure. We try hard not to over or under parent, and promise never to be the absent parent. 

What You Can Expect

Action Plans

Parenting practices demystified, expert insights, travel resources, buying guides, and more. 

Published Parent Co.

If you write in the parenting niche, you've come to the right place. Learn more here. 

Project Ideas 

Inspiration for connecting with your kids – and yourself. DIY or store-bought, the choice is yours.

Work-Life-Home Balance

Helpful resources on pursuing your dreams while practicing present parenting

Susan MacarelliBeyondYourBlog.com 

Common sense, but better.

Hi, I'm Ashley

Parenting might be one of the biggest journeys, but it's not our only journey. Whether you're looking to shake up your schedule and inject a little excitement into your daily life, my goal is to help you discover the truth about parenting: that raising confident, kind kids starts with how you feel.

As a writer and traveller, I'm a big believer that books and travel have the power to transform the world. 

I'm a mission to help you:

  • stop making parents decision grounded in fear or self-doubt
  • explore your worlds (from travel to work-life balance to parenting practices)
  • get parenting writers published and paid on authority websites

As I built my previous career, I realized I was chasing after something that I didn't want. It took years, but I finally took the giant step of quitting my successful career in sales to – gasp! – become a writer. I found immediate success as a freelance writer, for which I'll always be grateful. But I wanted more. What I've learned over the past three years is I'm happiest helping others. 

Now I study, learn, and test ideas to share with people just like you. Welcome!

Ashley Trexler | Lies About Parenting

I'm here to help you live a life that's personally and professionally fulfilling

...and fun for everyone. ​

Just so you know:

You probably won't find what you're looking for here. Why? Our choices and lifestyle aren't for everyone. But, if you believe that:

  • Travel and books build bigger minds
  • The greatest compliment you can receive about your child is that you've raised a kind and caring person 
  • Your child's success will never be measured by the size of their paycheck

Then stick around. We want to hear your story. 

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