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Hi, I'm Ashley. Usually people have one mission. I have two: I'm on a mission to help you stop settling for a stressed-out, over-scheduled life and I'm here to help parenting writers see their work published (and paid). I'm passionate about helping parents stop making decisions that are grounded in fear. Have a peek around the site; a lot of people say it's a breath of fresh air! Enjoy.

Ashley Trexler
Founder, LiesAboutParenting.com

What You Can Expect

Action Plans

Parenting practices demystified, expert insights, travel resources, buying guides, and more. 

Published Parent Co.

If you write in the parenting niche, you've come to the right place. Learn more here

Project Ideas 

Inspiration for connecting with your kids – and yourself. DIY or store-bought, the choice is yours.

Work-Life-Home Balance

Helpful resources on pursuing your dreams while practicing present parenting

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Common sense, but better.

This Site Is For You If

You Are

A parent, educator, caregiver, or freelance writer

You Love

Trying new things and exploring new ideas

You Try

To travel and create meaningful family experiences

You Value

Personal growth and hand-on learning

We're about progress, not perfection.

Parenting doesn't have to be messy. Encompassing a sustainable model of personal growth, job satisfaction, and work/life/home balance, LAP is here to help you find (and keep) your Happy Place. At our core is a belief that we must feel self-fulfilled personally before we can help our kids feel fulfilled.

Is every day rosy-cheeked perfection? Of course not.

Parenting might be one of our biggest journeys, but it's not our only journey. Whether you're looking for solutions to parenting or life problems, we've got your back.

We are a community of present parents who value personal growth and family adventure, in all shapes and sizes. We try hard not to over parent, under parent, and promise to never be the absent parent. ​

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The blog dedicated to demystifying parenting techniques

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Liesaboutparenting.com buying guides

In-depth reviews, comparisons, and product buying guides

Ashley Trexler | How to Get Your Parenting Writing Paid and Published

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