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Hi, I'm Ashley, a freelance writer, blog editor, creative content producer, voracious reader, and world traveler.  Have a peek around the site; a lot of people say it's a breath of fresh air! Enjoy.

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Gay Test For Kids: What You Need To Know

So you’re looking for a gay test for kids? Sounds like you have serious questions about what’s going on in your child’s life right now. And you’re trying to find some answers. It’s natural to search for answers, guidance, or assurance. I’ve been there. As a parent, I’ve been there. I find myself Googling topics almost daily: When will my 8-month-old say [...]

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How To Defend Your Child’s Non-Gender Conforming Activities

We have all been there. Our son or daughter pick up a non-gender norm activity and someone has to put their two cents in. We know it is fine that our daughter prefers monster trucks over dolls. We know it is fine that our son likes the play dress up.  The neighbors, not so much. Our neighbor thinks it’s her place to tell us how damaging girls playing with trucks and boys pl [...]

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My Biggest Blogging Mistake

My Biggest Blogging Mistake There’s always something I wish I’d done differently, you know?   Left a bad situation sooner, stayed in a good situation longer.   Too many times, I feel like I’m my own worst enemy.   When I started blogging, it was hard to know if I was doing the right thing or not. As I was building up my courage to sta [...]

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What My First Day of Teaching Was Really Like

I had such high hopes for my first day of teaching. I chose to teach after having three impactful teachers that gave me the bright idea to choose history as my undergraduate major. Teaching something I loved would be a breeze, right? My first day of teaching would be a slamdunk; I was sure of it.   (All it takes is one good teacher to make teaching look easy.) [...]

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How to Safely Monitor Your Child’s First Smartphone

Should I track my child’s phone without them knowing? You’re not the first one to wrestle with that question. But before you venture down a path of deception, know there’s a safer, smarter option. It’s called Smartphone Monitoring. Phones Are Like Cars When you got your first driver’s license, did your parents immediately hand over the ke [...]

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How To Talk About LGBTQ With Your Kids [+ Free Resources]

Lately, our family has been dealing with a lot of questions about transgender issues and LGBTQ awareness.    I write for a local LGBT + Ally magazine. My kiddos find LGBTQ and identity conversations to be healthy, but it didn’t happen by accident. My partner and I have made it a point to discuss LGBTQ issues with our children. We want them to have the facts they [...]

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Dear Parent, This Teacher Has 8 Secrets to Share With You

Yes, your child is special. To you. You see the sun rise and set in their eyes. They are the love of your life. Their talents endless and their mistakes dismissible. Odds are that in reality, they are probably pretty average. Most people are. Everyone has their strengths to be sure, and likewise everyone has a weakness or two. If your child is coming home with grades [...]

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8 Ways to Raise Kids Who Can Cope (even if you can’t)

You want them to be happy.Don’t you?Oh, and culturally, socially and academically successful, too. (Of course.)You want them to be perfect pillars of well-roundedness.That’s just the parenting age in which we live!And we’re a great generation of parents, in so many ways. We fill our children with joy. We work to shield them from harm, disappointment, sadness, failure, and [...]

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