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Hi, I'm Ashley, a freelance writer, blog editor, creative content producer, voracious reader, and world traveler.  Have a peek around the site; a lot of people say it's a breath of fresh air! Enjoy.

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Parenting doesn't have to be messy. Encompassing a sustainable model of personal growth, job satisfaction, and work/life/home balance, LAP is here to help you find (and keep) your Happy Place. At our core is a belief that we must feel self-fulfilled personally before we can help our kids feel fulfilled.

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We are a community of present parents who value personal growth and family adventure, in all shapes and sizes. We try hard not to over parent, under parent, and promise to never be the absent parent. ​

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How To Get Kids To Listen? Be A Better Listener.

Article Goals: Get Kids To Listen Communicate More Effectively Reduce Family Fighting Anyone has the power to transform relationships, even a 9-year-old boy. True Story: There’s this family that seems to fight all the time. The parents can't get kids to listen and the kids don't feel like the parents listen. They can’t seem to talk without fighti [...]

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6 Constitutional Amendments You Need to Enjoy a Multi-Generational Family Vacation

6 Constitutional Amendments You Need to Enjoy a Multi-Generational Family Vacation When we planned our first multi-generational family vacation, none of us could have known that the political landscape of America in October 2016 would be as divisive and ugly as it ultimately became. But this isn't a post about politics. It's about a multi-generational family trip with an age ra [...]

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8 Reasons Kids Need Science

Yes, kids need science. But what you're probably wondering is why? With smartphones a finger's length away and the almighty Google answering our biggest questions (you too, Siri), the education system's desire to teach science is often ignored because getting information is so dang easy these days. Do you we really need to know how when we can Google the answer? Ye [...]

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7 Things No One Told Me About Being a Father In the 1980s

Editor's Note: My father finally wrote a post for Lies About Parenting! Happy Father's Day, Dad, and sorry about those teenage years. 😉 Love you.Free advice is generally worth what you paid for it, so this is not advice. It’s more like a reality check and what I’ve experienced that I hope might be shared with prospective fathers stepping into the minefield of raising a fa [...]

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Harry Potter and the 7 Secrets of Successful Teaching

3. Student Investment and Student as the Expert Taking the previous point a step further is actually letting a student lead a lesson. Children respond to their peers and if a student is properly prepared, letting a student deliver the information is an effective teaching strategy. When it comes to leading the Defense Against The Dark Arts lessons for Dumbledore’s Army, Har [...]

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Why and How to Let Your Kids Go Barefoot (Safely)

Do Kids Really Need Shoes? What do you think when you see barefoot kids running around? Do you shake your head and pity them? Their mother must be negligent. I know the looks because the barefoot kids are mine. I wish I could say with integrity that their shoes are off because I don't want any disturbance to the proper function and development of their feet. The t [...]

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Dear Parent, This Teacher Has 8 Secrets to Share With You

Yes, your child is special. To you. You see the sun rise and set in their eyes. They are the love of your life. Their talents endless and their mistakes dismissible. Odds are that in reality, they are probably pretty average. Most people are. Everyone has their strengths to be sure, and likewise everyone has a weakness or two. If your child is coming home with grades [...]

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8 Ways to Raise Kids Who Can Cope (even if you can’t)

So, what can we do to avoid raising a generation of teacup children that grow up to be entitled adults?How do we raise kids who can cope with life’s twists and turns?The answer lies in awareness.Here are 8 ways you can help your child learn to cope with life.1. Only Liars LieSometimes, reality bites.Don’t pretend that your son’s best friend is going to the dentist when he [...]

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